Programmed To Kill, Satanic Coverup, Part# 147 (Conversation# 5 With AryanEmpires Infinity) (Post134)

2019.8.15 (AE) - This video is a discussion / interview with Patrick from the YouTube channel LOLFIELDANDLOVE… we discussed many interesting things revolving around the topic of Serial Killers… please visit his channel, and check out his new website!  programmedtokill.net ...

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  1. Is this the preacher who is a member of the Process Church of the final Judgment: John Paul Ranier aka Jean-Paul Ranier, formerly of NY?
    Here's the chapel in Wisconsin which is cobbled together with other buildings parts including a bridge house, an address marker (101,) and an authentic alter from Rome. John Paul went to Rome and met the Pope.

  2. https://onmilwaukee.com/history/articles/wellsstreetbridgehouse.html
    The article

  3. The Process Church has a branch called Best Friends Animal Society, now, which is killing people by using dogs, using mind control and propaganda to basically convince people to kill themselves. They have convinced parts of the public that it's normal and okay for dogs to kill kids who enter their sphere, (despite laws which classify dogs as an "attractive nuisance.") BFAS has decimated safety laws regarding dogs, specifically pit bulls which have been and still are used for fighting and gambling. The KKK used dogfighting as a fundraising activity from their start, and the Process has been involved with members of Aryan groups from their start. Back in the 1970's, according to Maury Terry in The Ultimate Evil, David Berkowitz was set up by The Process Church to work in an animal shelter in order to provide dogs which were to be snuck out after hours, but because of a nearby night watchman, the plan was scrapped. Dogfighters claim that the most difficult part of training fighters is getting enough bait animals. That's no issue for people who run animal shelters. BFAS has 3000 of them throughout the USA. They extend into Canada, India, England, and Australia. Dogfighting today is more popular than ever and is a multibillion dollar per year global business which became a felony in 2007 in the USA. The effect of that was the same as the effect of criminalizing alcohol and drugs. You need to take a closer look at Best Friends headquartered in Utah but based throughout the USA, including Los Angeles and NYC. Their network trafficked dogs that, before the decimated the law, would not have been allowed to even leave the shelter alive. These animals are now being brought across state and even country borders, and there is no valid reason for it.