SANDY HOOK COVENANT; New RARE Breaking News Video Footage, Part# 3 Of 5 (Post116)

2019.7.6 (AE) - The following is RARE Sandy Hook video footage that I’ve had in my possession since 2012.12.14…

Some of this footage has NOT been seen by the public since that day… much of it you’ll recognize, but some of it appears to be EXTENDED footage of familiar scenes… so that, along with the original audio news reporting, makes this footage truly UNIQUE.

I’m providing this video in it’s RAW form… nothing has been changed, except, I’ve boosted the low audio volume, and fixed the bad audio sync… exactly as I do with ALL of my videos.

See my next blog Post117 for **COMMENTARY** on this RAW video… there I’ll be discussing the highlights, and any points of interest…


01:20 - Connecticut school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut
01:28 - We’ve been following this closely for the last 30 to 40 minutes
01:32 - This happened about 9:40 AM, that’s when Connecticut State Police (CSP) got the call, according to the AP
01:37 - We do NOT know how many people have been injured
01:40 - We have heard Danbury Hospital told the Hartford Courant that THREE (3) patients were transported
01:48 - Ambulance Dispatcher said a teacher was SHOT IN THE FOOT and taken to Danbury Hospital (NOT TRUE)
01:56 - We are still looking for more information on the extent of injuries
02:02 - NewtownBee's iconic “Conga Line” photo pic, children being lead out, looking terrified
02:12 - [Ansonia Rescue & Medical Services Ambulance (Bravo 8) shown onscreen]
02:14 - This is LIVE video of the Firehouse
02:15 - [Firehouse corner shown, NO "Check In Sign" present]
02:22 - Hartford Courant has confirmed, from CSP, that ONE (1) shooter is DEAD
02:26 - Early reports of second shooter is UNCONFIRMED
02:39 - Students are being brought out, many parents showing up on scene
02:43 - Reporter Brian Burnell earlier said 50 to 60 parents, number is probably growing
02:52 - Hartford Courant reporting children are being brought to staging area (Firehouse)
02:59 - Matching students with parents, trying to provide calm, chaotic situation
03:05 - Entire district is in LOCKDOWN
03:09 - [Video cuts to LIVE pic showing street lined with cars, ambulances, and police vehicles]
03:25 - Afternoon kindergarten is canceled, no mid day bus run, in LOCKDOWN
03:34 - We’re trying to find out more information exactly how many people have been injured
03:41 - We do know THREE (3) patients were transported to Danbury Hospital
03:48 - We’re hearing it may be ONE (1) teacher SHOT IN THE FOOT taken to Danbury Hospital (NOT TRUE)
03:53 - [Video cuts to mother who was on the scene]
03:58 - Mother says, “She had KEYS with her, thank God, and they went into a corner, and they didn’t move, until they found out what happened."
04:04 - Daughter student says, “Ms. Martin just closed the door, and we went to the corner."
04:07 - Reporter asks, “How many shots did you hear?”
04:09 - Daughter student shrugs and says, “Lots."
04:11 - Reporter asks, “Lots like, 12, 20, 30… do you know?”
04:13 - Daughter student just shrugs.
04:14 - Mother interjects and says, “I heard that he opened fire, that’s all I heard, so...”
04:17 - Reporter asks, “And someone saw children bleeding?"
04:19 - Mother says, “When I arrived, I just pulled my car up and they said that there was, a little girl, a little boy...
04:25 - [AUDIO CUTS OFF]


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