SANDY HOOK COVENANT; New RARE Breaking News Video Footage, Part# 2 Of 5 (Post114)

2019.7.3 (AE) - The following is RARE Sandy Hook video footage that I’ve had in my possession since 2012.12.14…

Some of this footage has NOT been seen by the public since that day… much of it you’ll recognize, but some of it appears to be EXTENDED footage of familiar scenes… so that, along with the original audio news reporting, makes this footage truly UNIQUE.

I’m providing this video in it’s RAW form… nothing has been changed, except, I’ve boosted the low audio volume, and fixed the bad audio sync… exactly as I do with ALL of my videos.

See my next blog Post115 for **COMMENTARY** on this RAW video… there I’ll be discussing the highlights, and any points of interest…


01:26 - Connecticut State Police (CSP) SWAT gearing up at Firehouse
01:27 - [School Bus shown parked in Firehouse bay]
01:41 - Reporter Brian Burnell on scene at Firehouse
01:49 - Firehouse is impromptu staging area for parents
01:52 - Eight (8) to one dozen (12) ambulances staged, NOT in use
01:55 - Ambulances NOT in use, maybe sent in as precaution
01:58 - Reporter Brian Burnell was on highway when CSP & emergency vehicles drove by
02:03 - [NewtownBee's iconic “Conga Line” photo pic appears onscreen]
02:07 - CSP Lt. Vance says they scrambled everything to get there
02:15 - Do NOT have any shooting details, only rumors, will NOT report rumors about who was shot
02:23 - Rumors and conflicting stories going around
02:26 - At Firehouse 50 to 60 parents waiting to get kids, some in tears
02:35 - Reporter Brian Burnell talked to man (Gene Rosen) who said FIVE (5) children from school were running away from shooter
02:44 - Children took refuge in his house (Gene Rosen)
02:47 - Bus Driver also picked up some kids getting them away from school
02:51 - Situation is pretty chaotic, school is on LOCKDOWN, shut down
02:57 - State police (CSP) and local police (NPD) with kevlar vests & assault rifles
03:02 - Does NOT seem to be ANY sense of urgency, NO armed officers running towards school
03:10 - Seeing very concerned parents
03:20 - [Camera zooms in on CSP "Trooper One" Helicopter]
03:27 - Rumors we’re hearing DO NOT involve ANY children being shot
03:31 - Only members of faculty (teachers) shot, but we don’t know how many or who specifically
03:39 - We are hearing NOTHING about children being shot, at this point
03:48 - According to WVIT affiliate THREE (3) patients have been taken to Danbury Hospital, no details
04:04 - NewtownBee's iconic “Conga Line” photo pic, children looking horrified, crying
04:21 - Reporter Brian Burnell has seen NO children, just scared looking parents showing up
04:26 - Emergency vehicles are still arriving at Firehouse
04:34 - [Firehouse corner shown, NO "Check In Sign" present]
04:43 - WVIT information is new, THREE (3) patients transported to Danbury Hospital
04:48 - Again, we have NOT heard about ANY children being involved, ONLY faculty (teachers)
05:01 - Rumors we were hearing did NOT give us more than perhaps ONE (1) victim, rumors varied
05:11 - Reporter Brian Burnell told by woman, “It was two parents shooting it out"
05:17 - We have NOTHING confirmed
05:38 - Hartford Courant reporting that CSP told them ONE (1) shooter is DEAD, second shooter is UNCONFIRMED
05:42 - Getting reports from CSP via local affiliate WVIT, or Hartford Courant
05:52 - We still have NOT heard anything from the school
05:56 - Are the parents frustrated?, this happened MORE THAN an hour ago (so it’s after 10:40 AM)
06:04 - Parents we’ve talked to are upset, they’re concerned about their children
06:08 - Parents are being reassured by the Fire Chief that NO children were involved
06:15 - The children, we presume, the authorities have put them in a place where they’d be safe
06:30 - Very upset parents, understandable, parents worst nightmare
06:50 - Reports of a shooting, we do NOT have that confirmed yet
06:55 - CSP have been telling affiliate WVIT, and Hartford Courant, they’ve responded to reports of school shooting
07:02 - [Ansonia Rescue & Medical Services Ambulance (Bravo 8) shown onscreen]
07:03 - CSP saying that ONE (1) shooter is DEAD, second shooter, whether there is one or not, is UNCONFIRMED
07:19 - Injuries, we do NOT know who’s been injured, how many, or to what extent
07:31 - [Firehouse corner shown again, NO "Check In Sign" present]
07:33 - NewtownBee's iconic “Conga Line” photo pic, shown & discussed again
07:40 - Girl in blue crying, very scared
07:48 - Reporter Brian Burnell is saying whispers (rumors) that NO students or children have been hurt
07:53 - We do NOT have ANY information about numbers or injuries, who’s been injured, ages of people
08:07 - This happened about 9:40 AM, that’s when CSP got the call
08:19 - [BREAKING NEWS list shown onscreen, includes “REVERSE 911 CALL WENT OUT TO PARENTS OF STUDENTS"]
08:20 - We do NOT know how serious the situation is, 50 to 60 parents have shown up
08:32 - [Firehouse corner shown again, NO "Check In Sign” present, best shot, long video]
08:34 - Entire district is in LOCKDOWN, staging area setup for students & parents near the school (Firehouse)
08:42 - Matching students with parents
09:09 - Affiliate WVIT has reported at least THREE (3) people transported to Danbury Hospital
09:17 - Hartford Courant reporting that CSP told them ONE (1) shooter is DEAD, second shooter is UNCONFIRMED
09:44 - Ambulance Dispatcher said a teacher was SHOT IN THE FOOT and taken to Danbury Hospital (NOT TRUE)
10:05 - [Monroe Police Car, K9 Unit, shown arriving onscreen]


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