SANDY HOOK COVENANT; New RARE Breaking News Video Footage, Part# 4 Of 5 (Post118)

2019.7.10 (AE) - The following is RARE Sandy Hook video footage that I’ve had in my possession since 2012.12.14…

Some of this footage has NOT been seen by the public since that day… much of it you’ll recognize, but some of it appears to be EXTENDED footage of familiar scenes… so that, along with the original audio news reporting, makes this footage truly UNIQUE.

I’m providing this video in it’s RAW form… nothing has been changed, except, I’ve boosted the low audio volume, and fixed the bad audio sync… exactly as I do with ALL of my videos.

See my next blog Post119 for **COMMENTARY** on this RAW video… there I’ll be discussing the highlights, and any points of interest…


01:17 - [News Anchor Mike Nikitas joins News Anchor Jackie Bruno]
01:19 - School shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut
01:20 - [Video onscreen shows overhead helicopter footage of SHES parking lot]
01:26 - NewtownBee's iconic “Conga Line” photo pic, group of young children being escorted by adults
01:35 - Children have hands on each others shoulders, so they clearly trained for some sort of emergency
01:40 - Here’s what we know at this point...
01:41 - [Video cuts back to overhead helicopter footage of SHES parking lot]
01:42 - The gunman is DEAD
01:44 - It’s been reported that he had TWO (2) gunsTWO (2) handguns... recovered at the scene
01:50 - [Onscreen graphic; SHOOTER IS DEAD, Dispatcher Says Teacher Shot In Foot, SCHOOL IN LOCKDOWN]
01:51 - We do NOT know how this gunman DIED
01:53 - Whether he DIED in exchange of gunfire with authorities (SHOOTOUT), or if he took his own life (SUICIDE)
02:00 - There are THREE (3) victims in the shooting
02:03 - At least one of those is ONE (1) teacher SHOT IN THE FOOT taken to Danbury Hospital (NOT TRUE)
02:12 - [Video onscreen shows female news reporter at Firehouse] (OTHER VIDEOS INDICATE THIS TIME IS ABOUT 11:00 AM EST)
02:19 - We only know of THREE (3) injured taken to Danbury Hospital
02:24 - We do NOT know who they are, adults, children, whether there are more fatalities
02:41 - [Video onscreen cuts to Firehouse]
02:45 - Reporter Brian Burnell reports from the scene… we should have more solid info shortly
02:51 - We are on our way now to a nearby park where Connecticut State Police (CSP) Lt. Vance will brief the media
03:00 - There are a lot of RUMORS, some being tweeted, not much confirmed
03:10 - CSP Lt. Vance will be telling us the REAL story in just a few minutes
03:15 - We got here about 40 minutes AFTER the incident happened (SO 10:20 AM BASED ON 9:40 AM START)
03:20 - Children were evacuated to the Firehouse, a lot of frightened parents arriving, trying to be reunited
03:33 - Emergency procedure was for children to evacuate school and head to the Firehouse, it’s a staging area
03:45 - Lots of concerned parents running up to the Firehouse, going in, finding their children
03:54 - We talked to a few parents & children leaving, some children heard “pop, pop” gunfire sounds
04:03 - One child said it sounded like the backfire of a car
04:08 - Children told to huddle in a corner, eventually told to put hands on each others shoulders, and lead out
04:19 - One child said Police Officers said, “Come on kids, we’re going to get you out of here."
04:19 - Girl said, “You’re saving our lives!”so she was NOT traumatized
04:30 - I think parents were more scared than the children we talked to, wonder about long term effects
04:37 - If there are children hurt, and we do NOT have that confirmed at this point, there were some traumatic moments, scary, and perhaps life threatening moments for at least some of the children
04:48 - Again, the only confirmation we have is THREE (3) injured taken to the hospital, ONE (1) teacher SHOT IN THE FOOT
04:57 - [News Anchor Mike Nikitas cuts in]
04:58 - We can add a little more detail to what you’re saying...
05:00 - After the first shots happened, we are told teachers heard the shots, THEY LOCKED THE DOORS OF THE CLASSROOMS
05:06 - So they obviously had an Emergency Plan in place for a situation like this
05:11 - They remained there until the CSP came door to door
05:16 - Then they evacuated them to the Firehouse
05:20 - It’s amazing to me that they had planned for something like this
05:24 - It’s become common enough for schools to have plans, and procedures, and drills, to practice for this sort of situation
05:40 - [Reporter Brian Burnell cuts in]
05:41 - Well I think Columbine probably created that situation
05:44 - CSP scrambled everything they had, just before 10:00 AM, a DOZEN (12) CSP Trooper Cars zipped by us
06:02 - We went by the High School (NHS), and it was under LOCKDOWN
06:05 - Several schools in the area, not just in Newtown, were on LOCKDOWN, they really didn’t know what they were dealing with (NO MENTION OF THE STRANGE PERSON MAKING THREATS AT ST. ROSE OF LIMA CHURCH THAT MORNING)
06:22 - [News Anchor Jackie Bruno cuts in]
06:23 - We do know that Bethel and Monroe are both on LOCKDOWN
06:27 - Newtown public schools have canceled afternoon Kindergarten, there are no midday bus plans
06:35 - Parents are being told they need to bring ID to pick up their children
05:44 - [Reporter Brian Burnell cuts in]
05:45 - Parents were coming in and they had to show ID, so they could match the right child with the right parent
06:51 - [Campion Ambulance shown onscreen]
06:54 - [News Anchor Mike Nikitas cuts in]
06:55 - It’s interesting to see how well they planned for the possibility of something like this happening
07:05 - Sandy Hook is part of Newtown, is that correct?
07:07 - [Reporter Brian Burnell cuts in]
07:07 - Yes, Sandy Hook is a lovely community, a bedroom community for New York, it’s a high end suburb, a very nice town
07:36 - One woman we talked to said, “In my neighborhood there are TEN (10) little girls that all ride the bus together to this school.” (THIS PROVES SCHOOL OPERATING!!)
07:55 - [News Anchor Mike Nikitas cuts in]
07:56 - We have heard from one mother and one child, let’s take a listen...
07:59 - [Video cuts to mother who was on the scene] (NEARLY THE SAME FOOTAGE AS LAST VIDEO)
08:00 - Mother says, “[Ke] he’s with her, thank God, and they went into a corner, and they didn’t move, until they found out what happened.” (WORD “KEYS" IS HALF CUT OFF TO SOUND LIKE “HE’S”, ORIGINAL VIDEO SAID “SHE HAD KEYS")
08:05 - Daughter student says, “Ms. Martin just closed the door, and we went to the corner."
08:09 - Reporter asks, “How many shots did you hear?”
08:12 - Daughter student shrugs and says, “Lots."
08:13 - Reporter asks, “Lots like, 12, 20, 30… do you know?”
08:16 - Daughter student just shrugs
08:17 - Mother interjects and says, “I heard that he opened fire, that’s all I heard, so...”
08:20 - Reporter asks, “And someone saw children bleeding?"
08:22 - Mother says, “When I arrived, I just pulled my car up and they said that there was, a little girl, a little boy...
08:28 - [News Anchor Mike Nikitas cuts in]
08:29 - Now she is indicating that she heard that children have been injured… we do NOT have confirmation of that
08:36 - We do know that THREE (3) people have been injuredONE (1) teacher
08:42 - We have another parent or student, let’s take a listen…
08:45 - [Video cuts to father and two children at the Firehouse]
08:46 - Father says, “We found out we couldn’t get to the school, but the Sandy Hook Fire Department is nearby… they SHUTTLED everyone in, including the kids, into the side door of the Firehouse.” (THIS DEBUNKS THE "SHUTTLED IN" THEORY)
08:57 - Daughter student says, “I was in the gym and I heard a loud, well I heard like SEVEN (7) LOUD BOOMS, and the gym teachers told us to go in the corner, so we all huddled, and I kept hearing these BOOMING noises."
09:10 - [VIDEO CUTS OFF]


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  1. Joel

    Just how many schools were placed in lockdown? Perhaps you should 'rebirth' a Saint Rose of Lima video.

    Frank Jackson

    1. Hi Frank,
      I think the answer is many... my guess is all surrounding school districts as well.