SANDY HOOK COVENANT; New RARE Breaking News Video Footage, Part# 1 Of 5 (Post112)

2019.7.2 (AE) - The following is RARE Sandy Hook video footage that I’ve had in my possession since 2012.12.14…

Some of this footage has NOT been seen by the public since that day… much of it you’ll recognize, but some of it appears to be EXTENDED footage of familiar scenes… so that, along with the original audio news reporting, makes this footage truly UNIQUE.

I’m providing this video in it’s RAW form… nothing has been changed, except, I’ve boosted the low audio volume, and fixed the bad audio sync… exactly as I do with ALL of my videos.

See my next blog Post113 for **COMMENTARY** on this RAW video… there I’ll be discussing the highlights, and any points of interest…

NOTE:  This first video does not show any on scene school footage.


01:22 - Reports of Elementary School shooting
01:27 - Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut
01:30 - Superintendent’s Secretary says "reports of shooting are NOT confirmed”
01:39 - Police responding to what they have called a “shooting"
01:45 - Hartford Courant reports “a number of injured parties”, no word on extent of injuries
01:56 - Students escorted from building in groups
01:59 - Staging area has been setup for students & parents near the school (Firehouse)
02:02 - Entire Newtown School District is in LOCKDOWN
02:11 - Connecticut State Police (CSP) are responding to a “shooting"
02:19 - No word on any injuries yet, still waiting for this to be confirmed by the school


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