SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Adam & Nancy Lanza Had TWO Saiga 12 Shotguns, NOT Registered (Post96)

2019.5.11 (AE) - This video shows that Adam & Nancy Lanza had TWO Saiga 12 Shotguns… there are TWO completely different serial#’s listed in the Final Reports… also, these TWO Saiga 12 Shotguns DO NOT appear under Nancy Lanza’s CSP Special Licensing & Firearms Unit (SLFU) guns list as “Registered” or “Unregistered”… they simply DO NOT appearthis means an “Unregistered" ILLEGAL firearm was on scene at the Sandy Hook Massacre...


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  1. Joel

    I wonder if it was a Operation Fast and Furious weapon?

    Frank Jackson

    1. Hi Frank,
      It certainly could be something like that, or another "Operation".

    2. Maybe it actually was Fast and Furious. The operation continued into mid 2011. Anyway, thanks for the video. You don't see Sandy Hook news like this anywhere else.

      Frank Jackson

  2. Robert Altchiler says LaGuercia was contacted on the 14th to trace the SigS#UU676027 (apparently used at sh) -their words not mine. He says he faxed back to them they should be looking for Bushmaster #L534838 as well the SigS.
    First pages of the FBI report state registered to Nancy and unaccounted for at 3:10pm on 12/14
    -Enfield#HCZ2273A or CC22273A
    -SigS #UU676027
    -Ishmash Saiga #H08402282
    The CT official rpts state glock, sig s and bushmaster on Adam's person in the school. Why would the fbi/atf be looking for them 3pm?
    I guess they found them by 12/15.
    And yeah just exactly what is the story on HU9404110?