SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Chalk Hill School DEBUNKED, Move Was AFTER Shootings, Wolfgang Halbig LIES (Post69)

2018.11.16 (AE) - This video fully DEBUNKS the preposterous theory that Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) was relocated to Chalk Hill Middle School in Monroe BEFORE the Sandy Hook shootings… I present a chronology of photographic and documentary evidence from throughout the 2012-2013 School Year which PROVES beyond any doubt that SHES was operating out of the 12 Dickenson Dr. location… also **EXCLUSIVE** never seen before email evidence documents the Newtown School Board discussing of the move.

This video thoroughly DEBUNKS this ridiculous theory first promoted by Wolfgang Halbig, and later supported by Dr. Eowyn's Fellowship Of The Minds blog, James Tracy’s MemoryHoleBlog, and Jim Fetzer’s blog… all top level “HOAX” promoters, all 100% WRONG...



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  1. Why would Wolfgang Halbig, Maria Hsia Chang (AKA Dr. Eowyn), James Tracy, & James Fetzer risk a violent deadly attack against them and their family from a distraught family member taking the law into their own hands because of their meme that nobody died at the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting?

    1. Hi Dr. Goldstein,
      You ask an excellent question... we have a group of University Professors promoting clear DISINFO that any average person could DEBUNK within minutes.

      There are many examples, I'll just mention one... James Tracy strongly promoted the "26 Christmas Trees" theory, which was absolutely preposterous from day one... even after it was PROVEN to be WRONG, Tracy and his friend Jim Fetzer continued to repeat it on their radio shows, as if they were repeating political talking points.

      Any rational person can see that these intelligent University Professors are committed to promoting a "HOAX" theory, ignoring documented facts, and refusing to correct themselves when they are proven wrong... they do not use the scientific method, instead they continue to repeat their false claims... these are NOT researchers, these are intentional PROPAGANDISTS.

      The only reason a group of intelligent University Professors would coordinate to promote clear DISINFO, ignore facts, and desperately continue to drive an agenda, is because they are.......... PAID OPERATIVES.


    2. I agree with your conclusion that this group of University Professors are PAID DISINFO OPERATIVES whose main directive is to cover-up how the World Trade Center towers were turned into dust in less than 10 seconds each. The brush they paint with is to associate anyone who questions real events such as the Sandy Hook School shootings and other incidences as cooks and misfits and tarnish the research of Dr. Judy Wood.

      A Google Site Search is very revealing...

      site:memoryholeblog.org Judy Wood

      site:fellowshipoftheminds.com Judy Wood

      site:jamesfetzer.org Judy Wood

    3. Part One, Section Two, of ‘Nobody Died at Sandy Hook’ was written by Dr. Maria Hsia Chang (AKA Dr. Eowyn).

      Is teaching at the U. S. Marine Corps War College and lecturing before the U. S. Department of Defense’s Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy a prerequisite for Dr. Eowyn (AKA Dr. Maria Hsia Chang) being an expert Sandy Hook Hoaxer?

      Maria Chang, Professor, joined the department in Fall 1989 from the University of Puget Sound. A native of Hong Kong, she received all her degrees (Ph.D., M.A., B.A.) in political science from the University of California, Berkeley.

      She is the author of four books: Falun Gong: The End of Days (Yale University Press, 2004), which was translated into French and Korean; Return of the Dragon: China’s Wounded Nationalism (Boulder, CO: Westview, 2001); The Labors of Sisyphus: The Economic Development of Communist China (News Brunswick, NJ: Transaction, 1998); and The Chinese Blue Shirt Society: Fascism and Developmental Nationalism (U. C. Berkeley: Institute of East Asian Studies, 1985). She also co-authored six other books, and is the author of 29 articles in such journals as East Asia, Journal of Strategic Studies, Comparative Strategy, and Asian Survey.

      Chang is the recipient of several awards, including UNR’s Mousel-Feltner Research Award (1998), Chiang Ching-kuo International Individual Research Fellowship (1995), and a National Fellowship at the Hoover Institution at Stanford (1984). She is a three-time finalist for UNR’s Alan Bible Teaching Excellence Award (2003, 2001, 1999), as well as a finalist for the White House Fellowship (1985). She is also listed in some 26 Who’s Who publications, including Contemporary Authors, International Authors and Writers Who’s Who, AcademicKeys Who's Who in Social Sciences Higher Education, Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, and religionsource.org (the American Academy of Religion’s online database of scholars with expertise related to religion or ethics).

      Chang also is a lecturer for the U. S. Department of Defense’s Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy, as well as the U. S. Marine Corps War College. Her teaching responsibilities in the department include courses on comparative politics (China, Japan, nationalism) and political theory (political ethics, philosophy of science). Her current project is a book-length manuscript on entitled The Lucifer Syndrome: Narcissism and the Problem of Evil.


      Curriculum Vitae


      Maria Hsia Chang

    4. Hi Dr. Goldstein,
      Very good info... I've produced two videos regarding Falun Gong's links to Sandy Hook... one must ask, what are the odds of this connection to one of the top HOAX promoters?

      The second video is specifically about Dr. Chang AKA Dr. Eowyn:

      2018.3.30 SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Falun Gong Email Threat To Wyoming Senator, Claims Adam Lanza Part Of Doomsday Cult, Bloody Celebration Disaster (Post31):


      2018.7.9 SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Dr. Eowyn’s Links To Falun Gong, 2012 Apocalypse, End Of Days, New Age Doomsday Cult (Post52):


    5. Here's a dose of reality about Fetzer and Halbig. It's a crime for a citizen to lie to the government or its members. (Lie to the police and you will be charged with a crime.) Fetzer and Halbig have repeatedly claimed that “nobody died” at Sandy Hook, EXCEPT when they were in front of the school board. In front of the school board, Fetzer and Halbig acknowledged that the school WAS occupied and that children died there that day. Now, why would they change their story ONLY to the school board, and then switch back after that meeting? Perhaps it has something to do with their lawyer’s advice or their personal knowledge to not lie to government employees? Neither of them told the school board that no children were killed or that the school was not operational. Here they were, in front of employees of the government (school board) yet Fetzer and Halbig changed their story to say that yes, children died and they conceded that the school was operational.

      Newtown School Board Meeting 5/6/14

      Halbig 00:00 to 03:16 - Fetzer 06:33 to 08:48


      Minutes of the Board of Education meeting on May 6, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers, 3 Primrose Street.


      See Section 1001 of Title 18 of the United States Code, which prohibits knowingly and willfully making false or fraudulent statements, or concealing information (1) falsifies, conceals, or covers up by any trick, scheme, or device a material fact; (2) makes any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation; or (3) makes or uses any false writing or document knowing the same to contain any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement.


    6. Dane County Case Number 2018CV003122 Leonard Pozner vs. James Fetzer et al


      Lenny Pozner has sued James Fetzer for defamation. The suit also names Mike Palecek and the Florida based company Wrongs without Wredemedies as Defendants. Wrongs without Wremedies published the second edition of "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook". The suit cites the "Expanded 2016 Revised" edition as the basis for the claim.

      The nine page, two count complaint alleges defamation and conspiracy and was filed in Fetzer's home district in Dane County, Wisconsin.

      The suit cites Fetzer's "long history of harassing [Pozner] and other Sandy Hook families with defamatory lies" and that Fetzer has "slandered repeatedly"; however, the case focuses on one narrow falsehood; Fezter's outrageous claim that Pozner "circulated a forgery of NP's death certificate".

      The appropriate passage reads:
      17. Mr. Fetzer’s publication of this false accusation against Plaintiff was not limited to the book. He repeated that false statement on one or more blog posts, including, e.g.,
      That blog post is dated August 5, 2018. There, Defendant Fetzer made the following false statement: “It [N.P.’s death certificate] turned out to be a fabrication, with the bottom half of a real death certificate and the top half of a fake, with no file number and the wrong estimated time of death at 11 AM, when ‘officially’ the shooting took place between 9:35-9:40 that morning.” That statement is false, both in its particular fact and in the main point, essence, or gist in the context in which it was made, because N.P.’s death certificate is not a fabrication or forgery. That context of that statement referred specifically to Plaintiff, the previous sentence reads: “Kelley Watt had over 100 hours of conversation with ‘Lenny Pozner’, who purports to be his father and who sent Kelley a death certificate for ‘Noah’ as proof that he had died, which we included in the book.”
      Few, if any, have defamed Sandy Hook families more than the extremist antisemitic, James Fetzer. He intentionally spreads lies, including lies that he invents himself, personally doctors photos to fit his agenda, refuses to conduct reasonable investigations or present facts, even once he learns of the them. He creates his agenda then works in his hurtful slanderous lies to fit that agenda. Any honor he had as a professor and an ex-marine has long since passed.

  2. It's quite easy to debunk this. First, all of the red date stamps on the photos are your own: they were not there originally, as is clear from the additional comments on them, also in red.

    You haven't discussed the 471 applications for discounted internet service filed with the FCC, although you show those at the outset of your video. The 471 applications establish that on March 12, 2012, Newtown Public Schools claimed an internet discount for Chalk Hill School for the 2012-13 school year beginning July 1, 2012, even though Chalk Hill is not in its district. The number of students and proportion of free lunches NPS stated for Chalk Hill (the basis for the internet discount) are the same as what it put for Sandy Hook. This is irrefutable evidence that a plan to move the SHES students to Chalk Hill was in place nine months before the "shooting."

    The photo of the bus picking up children, with Dawn Hochsprung there, had to have been staged. First, the yellow striping means "no parking," so not even buses are supposed to stop there. (Older photos of the school, when it was operational, do not show such striping.) Second, beginning with the 2012-13 school year bus service to Newtown Public Schools was provided by All-Star Transportation. Their buses do not say "Newtown" on them--they say "All Star Transportation." http://cdn.patchcdn.com/users/11975/2014/08/T600x450/53fcbf4c1c705.jpg This is not an authentic picture of a bus picking up children at SHES, therefore, either in 2012 or at any time.

    If the students had moved to Chalk Hill as of summer 2012, and Chalk Hill began to be called "Sandy Hook Elementary" at that time, the mailman might be confused. ("Sandy Hook Elementary @ Chalk Hill, 375 Fan Hill Rd., Monroe, CT" is, in fact, what the food delivery records Wolf unearthed from April 26, 2012 say. You haven't dealt with those records, either.)

    The correspondence which bears an email address that has newtown.k12.ct.us/~sh is likely inaccurate. The platform for Newtown Public Schools since 2008 has been an entity called schooldesk.

    You produce the contract between Monroe and NPS as evidence of when the move took place and what motivated it. You can't be serious. Monroe Town officials were fully complicit in this scam.

    1. Hi dinophile,
      The truth cannot be "debunked", and everything presented in my video is **100% FACTS** backed up by documented evidence:

      1. Red date stamps... this is an old claim that I've already explained in numerous videos... OF COURSE those are MY date stamps, that's why I used MY red font, so it was CLEAR to understand... regardless, the dates are 100% accurate and I have all of the proof to back up each photo.

      2. Discounted internet service... all retroactive changes (in electronic databases)... this is misunderstood by you and your "HOAX" pushers.

      3. Bus photo... it was NOT staged, there are MANY photos of that exact event, and they are all DATED... buses CAN and DO stop in no parking zones, LOL... the yellow lines are CLEARLY shown in many 2012 photos.

      4. Bus service... yes, "All Star Transportation" did start their contract in the 2012-2013 school year, however, this was a "test run” done on August 24th, BEFORE the school year started... therefore it's logical that Newtown would have used one of their FREE available buses to do this "test run" instead of PAYING a contracted bus company.... this is documented to have taken place on 2012.8.24 and it was posted in the newspaper at the time.

      5. Postman... the Newtown Postman would NOT be confused, LMAO!!... he testified to the fact that he was delivering mail to the Sandy Hook School the day before, on the 13th, and he was inside the school and witnessed a suspicious person arguing with the staff.

      6. Food delivery records... you people don't understand databases... electronically changing the Sandy Hook School address to the new Chalk Hill address would retroactively change the address on all electronic invoices in the system... that DOES NOT mean original hard copy invoices would show that address (they would show the old address), and it certainly DOES NOT mean they were occupying the Chalk Hill building in 2012... this is a preposterous theory.

      7. Email about moving to Chalk Hill... the email is genuine, and your theory is 100% WRONG... the Newtown School District website domain "newtown.k12.ct.us" has NEVER changed, and it's STILL active to this day.

      8. Monroe and Newtown legal agreement... this is a real and dated legal contract, first voted on by Newtown, and then signed on 2012.12.17... if you want us to believe that both towns had their lawyers creating and fabricating legal documents then go sell that nonsense to intelligence agent Jim Fetzer’s gullible zombie viewers.

      9. News footage... there are a number of news reports documenting the move to Chalk Hill, including contractors working overtime to get the school ready for the New Year... I guess all of those people are liars too?

      10. I'll add one more... so are you saying that the MANY news articles, in multiple newspapers, referring to numerous events taking place at Sandy Hook Elementary on Dickenson Drive, from May through December 2012, were all fabricated???

      You’re attempting to promote DISINFO about the location of an entire school… it’s truly ridiculous, and backed up by NOTHING.

  3. Here is one of the documents Halbig was given:


    Halbig circles what he thinks are important facts on the left, but he ignored what was on the right side. It shows created 8/27/12 and modified 1/02/13. Why would that document need to be modified on 1/02? the Sandy Hook students started at Chalk hill on 1/03. So all that was done was to take on order originally for Dickinson Dr and modify it so the food was to be delivered to Chalk Hill instead.

    1. Hi jjis,
      Absolutely correct 👍... modified on 1/02/13.
      They also don't understand, or want to conveniently ignore(!), how databases work... the fact that an address changed in 2013 could retroactively make a 2012 invoice appear to have the new address (depending on how the system works).

    2. The problem is why would they go back to say Sept of that year and alter the addresses to the address of Chalk Hill School? There would be no need to go that far back into the records to change the address to something else after the fact if nothing and no one was moved til the beginning of the next year.

    3. Hi MetalHead,
      The problem is you’re believing deceptive and incorrect info… when an address is changed in that type of computer system it flows throughout all records, including old invoices… so for accurate info you'd need to see is a **HARD COPY PAPER PRINTOUT** , and that would show the address was "12 Dickenson Drive".
      For example, if you went into that system right now, changed the address to “123 Micky Mouse Drive, Disneyland”, and then went back to look at the old invoices, you’d see that the Sandy Hook milk was delivered to Disneyland, but we know that’s not true.

  4. The CBYD markings are a CLEAR sign they planned to blow up the school in order to land ufo's and utilize those "tunnels" ���� ����������

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      I've heard that many dead 🐄 cows 🐄 were found around the school... certain 👁 organs ❤️ missing, so you might be right! 👽

  5. Very good info... I've produced two videos regarding Falun Gong's links to Sandy Hook... one must ask, what are the odds of this connection to one of the top HOAX promoters?

    It's very likely that Falun Gong serves as a front for the CIA. If that's the case, then one would assume that the PRC's MSS would be aware of that fact.

  6. The only reason a group of intelligent University Professors would coordinate to promote clear DISINFO, ignore facts, and desperately continue to drive an agenda, is because they are.......... PAID OPERATIVES.

    Yes, they are indeed paid operatives. But "paid operative" is a vague label unless explained in context. Paid operatives of what? Paid operatives of whom?

    They are paid (psychological) warfare operatives of the US Department of Defense, specifically US Special Operations Command.