Alex Jones FAKE Censorship, Infowars FBI App Used For Data Mining, Sandy Hook Excuse (Post55)

2018.8.9 (AE) - This video discusses how Alex Jones Infowars recent “banning” from YouTube is incredibly suspicious… considering that Alex Jones was given special privileges by YouTube to say any slanderous thing he wanted, for years, and MONETIZE his defamation, it’s incredibly suspicious that Infowars just released a new Infowars App right before getting “banned” by mother YouTube… this appears to be an FBI kettling operation to segregate "conspiracy theorists” for easy data mining and electronic monitoring via the spyware Infowars App...



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  1. Jesus Christ Joel. Nothing with you ISN'T a conspiracy.

    For years you shrieked: "Why aren't they kicking Jones (and others) off youtube and cracking down?! It's a conspiracy to "promote" him because the government loves him and this is a clandestine operation!"
    They finally crack down after enough backlash: "This is a conspiracy to gather information because the government loves him and this is a clandestine operation!"

    Hey Joel, what shape is the Earth?

    PS You grew rather tedious long ago and I rarely check this anyway, but this is the last comment from me. Best of luck buddy. Be careful though: "they" are watching you and "sending" people to your channel because it has such a massive following that it's "obviously" -wink- a threat to "them".

    Get help dude. Serious. Mental. Help.

    1. Hi Bewbmike,
      Your comment above PERFECTLY demonstrates my ongoing consistency... thank you.
      Alex Jones has ALWAYS been a controlled FRAUD, a government product, it’s beyond obvious... he has endless military links, he promotes government fear propaganda (Ebola, ISIS, Muslim invasion!), and he has direct links to many influential CIA agents (some admitted, some which I haven't revealed).
      This is why AJ and his friend, intelligence agent Jim Fetzer, worked tirelessly to undermine the "911 Truth Movement", and then, when requested, they turned their attention to promoting Sandy Hook as an “elaborate HOAX” for gun control, which it was NOT.
      The fact still remains that Nancy Lanza had **54 PAGES** of her personal gun records confiscated from her home by the BATF due to **GRAND JURY MATERIAL**… this incredibly important information was NEVER put into Sandy Hook evidence... how many guns fit on a page, Mikey?
      The fact still remains that there was a clear and distinct gunshot heard on the official Sandy Hook audio recordings at **9.46.54AM** … however, Adam Lanza had already "committed suicide" at **9.40.03AM**, and the police maintain that they never fired a single shot their guns, not one, LOL.
      No one ever asked you to troll my blog and YouTube channel(s) endlessly, always attempting, and failing, to counter my solid documents based research...
      Run along boy,

  2. Mikey's back!!!!!
    Alex Jones crackdown is a crock.
    He's promoted more than ever since they "cracked down" on him.
    AryanEmpires remains the only one with deleted channels. Wade is back, Wolfie, Fetzer, Monty, Popeye.
    Not AE though YouTube keeps him off. Almost makes me feel like one folks have specific YouTube access or something.

    1. Hi TK,
      It's funny how I need "mental help" just because I don't believe in a "crack down" on a guy who has obvious special YouTube privileges, who was never even touched once(!) during "The Purge", and has been allowed to fully MONETIZE all of his HATE filled and RACIST videos on the CIA financed Google company's video platform called YouTube.
      Alex Jones says he has CIA agents in his family, and he speaks to "top CIA Directors" multiple times per week... but I'm crazy for not buying this nonsense "crack down" bullshit.