SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Deleted Infowars Article NOT Due To 'Leaked CSP Photo', Alex Jones & Jim Fetzer LIES (Post36)

2018.4.18 (AE) - This blog Post36 is the REBIRTH of a very important video… below is the original blog post description, original link, and new video files...

2016.9.6 (AE) - This video proves, beyond any doubt, that Jim Fetzer’s claims that Alex Jones had a Sandy Hook article “pulled” due to some sort of “pressure” from the Connecticut State Police (CSP) relating to the credited photo included in the article… has no merit whatsoever… the photo in question was published by the News Times newspaper nearly 2 YEARS BEFORE the Infowars article was ever produced!!!… this is yet one more example of Jim Fetzer and Alex Jones working together to create a “controversy” where none exists…



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  1. First comment?! I don't think I've ever managed that. I have never stopped laughing out loud at that clipped Fetzer laugh "this is ridiculous!"