SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Censorship, New Channel, 4chan Q-Anon Q-Clearance Patriot PsyOp For Trump

2017.11.28 (AE) - This video discusses CENSORSHIP, the reason for my new channel “AryanEmpires4”, and how intelligence agents are allowed to run rampant all over YouTube claiming every mass shooting is a “HOAX”, while also attacking, slandering, and threatening victims… these same agents are currently running a DISINFO campaign promoting the fantasy stories of a 4chan poster named Q-Anon (AKA Q-Clearance Patriot) who is clearly a Trump operative… this online distraction, full of riddles and rabbit holes, has been created to distract the “Truth Movement” from TRAITOR Trump’s very serious and TREASONOUS legal issues, and to reinvigorate the fraudulent Pizzagate PsyOp so that Hillary Clinton can once again be used as a distraction...

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