LAS VEGAS SHOOTINGS; Jim Fetzer FIRED By Jeff Rense, Claims HOAX, Crisis Actors, Drill, Nobody Died

2017.10.22 (AE) - This video discusses Jim Fetzer being FIRED by Jeff Rense for attacking / confronting Rense on the air during Fetzer’s live show “The Raw Deal” on the Rense Radio Network… Fetzer is now claiming the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Shootings were a complete HOAX and “nobody died”, it was a "drill", a "staged event", using "Crisis Actors", "fake blood", "sound effects", and he even claims "the hospitals did not receive ANY gunshot victims"… I had already heard Rense comment on the air that these type of theories being promoted were “crazy” and possibly "DISINFO", so I’m not entirely surprised this came to a head...

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