SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Sniper Shot Adam Lanza, Kill Shot To Back Of Head Nearly 7 Minutes Later v1.0

2018.3.13 (AE) - This video is an expanded version of my video published on 2017.7.7 (see original text below)… this new version provides many more important pieces of evidence which greatly strengthen my case… audio evidence proves there were multiple gunshots AFTER Adam Lanza was ALREADY DEAD by supposed suicide at 9.39.59AM… even Newtown Police Officer Sgt. Kullgren’s official statement mentions hearing “bursts of shots being fired" AFTER this time...


2017.7.7 (AE) - This video demonstrates, using 911 Calls and police audio, that Adam Lanza was likely shot by a sniper through the Room# 10 Window at 9.39.59AM… the official story, according to the Sedensky Report, is that Adam "committed suicide" at 9.40.03AM… nearly 7 minutes later, at 9.46.54AM, a very loud gunshot can be heard, this is followed by police saying “WE CAN’T HAVE ANYBODY ELSE COMING IN”… some believe the KILL SHOT to the back of Adam Lanza’s head was done by someone else, and Adam could not have even fired a gun at 9.46.54AM if he was already “dead” at 9.40.03AMthis video is AryanEmpires opinion based on evidence from the Sandy Hook Final Reports…

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  1. Interesting. I tried to look at some photos of class 10 but most were redacted. I looked up bullet holes and their effect on glass but judging by the concave of the window shot, it does look like it came from outside the class.

    My guess is, given Kullgren pulled up to SH from Dickinson, that Kullgren used clock position/bearing for commands.

    "S6, this is it" could mean "S(niper)6(o'clock), this is it(positive ID verification). With the "6(o'clock)" referring to the snipers position.

    Ill look a little deeper into this, but great video nonetheless.