USS TRUMP SINKS V2.0; Tweet THREATENS Ex FBI Comey, Flynn & Manafort Will Flip & Testify

2017.5.15 (AE) - ADDENDUM - Today I was notified by YouTube that my original video, posted 2017.5.12, was “BLOCKED WORLDWIDE” due to a copyright claim by GQ over the Keith Olbermann clip I included at the end… I did anticipate this possibly happening, but I hoped they would allow it… so now I’m reposting my original video here, but with the Olbermann clip removed… I still encourage you to watch the important Olbermann video here:

2017.5.5 Keith Olbermann; Is A Grand Jury Now Looking Into Trump? (GQ):



2017.5.12 (AE) - This video shows that President Trump has gone completely off the rails this morning by threatening ex FBI Director James Comey in a tweet… previously Trump had demanded Comey's “loyalty”, in the style of a Mafia Boss, and Comey rightly refused, instead choosing to follow the Constitution… later Comey was fired by Trump immediately after requesting more resources from the DoJ... these resources were required to further investigate Trump’s MANY business links to Russia, including the Russian Mafia, and the MONEY LAUNDERING OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS out of New York via the NYSE...

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