SANDY HOOK COVENANT; ‘Peter Lanza Wrote Wrong Birth Date In April 1996', Montagraph FAILS Again!!

2017.3.21 (AE) - This video shows that Montagraph's poor researching skills have lead him to claim a document he’s presented (which he doesn’t know the origins of) is from a FOIA Request (WRONG), and he then draws MANY inaccurate conclusions… for example; Montagraph claims Peter Lanza filled out a form “in his own handwriting” (WRONG), in “April of 1996” (WRONG), on which he wrote (WRONG) Adam Lanza’s birth date incorrectly as 1988.4.10, which is actually Ryan Lanza’s birth date (TRUE)… these compounded errors have lead Montagraph to conclude that "ADAM = RYAN"… WRONG AGAIN!!

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