SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Jim Fetzer Hosted HOAX Staged Suicide Of Ace Baker To Discredit 911 Truth

2017.2.28 (AE) - This video is a short documentary about 911 Truth infiltrator Ace Baker’s FAKE STAGED SUICIDE on Jim Fetzer’s radio show back on 2009.1.6… not only did Jim Fetzer forgive Ace Baker for this unforgivable “HOAX", but he invited him back on his show six months later… this incident demonstrates that Jim Fetzer participated in a “HOAX”, on his own show(!), which was used to discredit the 911 Truth Movement by making members appear "mentally unstable"Fetzer has participated in other fraudulent and ridiculous claims involving Sandy Hook, so there is a long pattern of infiltration and subversion by this professional DISINFO agent...

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