SANDY HOOK COVENANT LIVE CHAT; Nancy Lanza, BATF Informant, Riverview Gun Sales

2016.12.14 (AE) - LIVE Chat between JFK and Joel discussing a broad range of Sandy Hook topics… including the **EXCLUSIVE** breaking news that Nancy Lanza was a BATF Informant... 


Adam Lanza
Agent19 (YouTuber; Cyber Terrorist, Montagraph’s Nursemaid, Sandy Hook HOAX, Troll)
Alex Jones (Infowars, Radio Talk Show Host; Freemason, Sandy Hook HOAX, Trump Pimp, Wolfgang Halbig Promoter)
Allan Powell (Australian, Ex Military; "Team Fetzer FAIL Army" Member, Jim Fetzer's "Super Sleuth" Sandy Hook Researcher; Can't Tell East From West)
AltMediaRadio (YouTuber; Wolfgang Halbig's Friend, Interviewer & Supporter)
American Free Press (AFP) (Willis Carto Founder; Anti Jewish, Holocaust Deniers, Nazi Sympathizers, Racists, Revisionist History, Sandy Hook HOAX Promoters)
Anders Breivik (Norway Spree Killer; 2083 Manifesto; Anti Muslim, Freemason, Knights Templar, Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist)
Asperger’s Syndrome (Autism)
Avielle Richman (Sandy Hook Victim, Father Jeremy Richman, Mother Jennifer Hensel; Claimed By SHH Group Members To NOT Have Ever Existed, They Claim Lenie Urbina Was “Loaned Out” To Play Her)
BATF (Bureau Of Alchohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives; Raided & Closure Of Riverview Gun Sales 2012.12.20; Operation Fast & Furious, Undercover Storefront Operations)
Battalion 14 (B14CT) (Connecticut Nazi Group, Formerly Connecticut White Wolves (CTWW), Ken & Matthew Zrallack Founders, Currently White Lives Matter (WLM); Part Of NEWP, White Revolution Reps; Nazis, Racists, White Supremacists)
Bill# 1054 (Child Autopsy Law, Pediatric Autopsies; ‘An Act Concerning Disclosure Of Autopsy Reports’; Creation Prompted By Cheshire Murders & Surviving Victim Dr. William Petit)
Blaine Cooper (FAKE Ex US Navy Marines, Valor Thief; Arizona Border Patrol, Arizona Mosque Protests, Burns Oregon Standoff; FBI Informant; Jon Ritzheimer, Professor Doom1 Links; Anti Muslim, Racist)
Bojack Horseman (YouTuber, Giggity Goo, Glenn Quagmire, MAYOR ADAM WEST, Sandy Hoax; Canadian??; Anti Jewish, Attacks Victoria Soto, Crisis Actors, Face Matching, SHH Group, White Supremacist)
Brian D. Roberts (YouTuber; AFP, IMS Group, Max Resistance Tech, SHH Group; Alex Jones, Gary Franchi, Ron Paul Pimp)
Bush Crime Family (Bush Jr., Bush Sr.; Nazis)
Caliberhitter (YouTuber, ALEXJONESISBILLHICKS; Alex Jones Employee, Cyber Terrorist, ANTI Sandy Hook HOAX!!, Troll)
Catholic Church
Catholic Pedophile Priests
Cheshire Murders (2007.7.23 Home Invasion & Murders Of Petit Family; Bill# 1054 Creation Prompted By Cheshire Murders; CSP Lt. Paul Vance, Dr. Wayne Carver)
Chris Hansen (NRA Instructor, Ex Fairfield County Indoor Shooting Range & Gun Store Employee; Trained Adam & Nancy Lanza)
Christmas Concert (2012.12.13; Sandy Hook 4th Grade Concert Held At NHS)
CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)
COINTELPRO (FBI Counterintelligence Program; Cognitive Infiltration, Domestic Surveillance, Infiltration Of Movements, Perception Management, Propaganda)
Connecticut State Judicial Department (“Ex” Judicial Employee "Jackie Truetown”)
Connecticut State Police (CSP)
Connecticut White Wolves (CTWW) (See Battalion 14 (B14CT))
Conspiracy Theorist (CW Wade, Hardcore)
Copyright Trojan Horse
Crisis Actor (YouTuber; "Team Fetzer FAIL Army" Member; Can't Tell East From West, Thinks Cats Look Like Dogs)
Crisis Actors (Face Matching, Look Alikes)
Crumbie Law Group (CLG) (Andrew Crumbie Founder, Ex CSP, Ex FBI; Kay Wilson, Wolfgang Halbig’s Law Firm)
CW Wade (YouTuber; Anti Sandy Hook HOAX, HONR Network Member; Ex Military, Likely A Fed, Total Phony)
DAHBOO77 (YouTuber; HOAX Whore, Promoted Sandy Hook "26 Christmas Trees", Sandy Hook HOAX)
DallasGoldBug (YouTuber; Ex Military, USAF; Crisis Actors, Face Matching King, JFK Book Illustrator; Promoted By Jim Fetzer)
Dan Bidondi (Alex Jones Employee, Infowars Reporter; Infowars Monster, Professional Wrestler; Sandy Hook HOAX)
Data Mining (Social Media; Facebook)
David Duke (Rense Radio Talk Show Host; Ex Populist Party; Ex KKK Grand Wizard, Holocaust Denier, Nazi, White Supremacist)
David & Francine Wheeler (Parents Of Sandy Hook Victim Ben Wheeler; Actors)
David Weiss (YouTuber, DITRH; Facebook Administrator For Wolfgang Halbig; Flat Earther, SHH Group)
Dawn Hochsprung (Sandy Hook Principal (2010 To 2012), Victim; Daughter Erica Lafferty)
Deanna Spingola (Radio Talk Show Host; Anti Sandy Hook HOAX; Anti Jewish, Holocaust Denier, Nazi Sympathizer, Racist, White Supremacist)
December 14th (Date 12.14; 1937.12.14, 2009.12.14, 2012.12.14)
Domestic Terrorism
Donald Trump Assassination
Don Black (Rense Radio Talk Show Host, Stormfront Owner; Ex KKK Grand Wizard, Holocaust Denier, Nazi, White Supremacist)
DOXXING (Exposing A Private Person’s Identity & Personal Information, Including Name & Address)
Dr. Eowyn (Blogger, Fellowship Of The Minds, Veterans Today Writer; James Tracy, Jim Fetzer; Anti Jewish, Holocaust Denier, Nazi Sympathizer, Racist, White Supremacist)
Dylan Klebold (Columbine Massacre Shooter; Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist; Homosexual Rape, Sexually Abused) Eric Harris (Columbine Massacre Shooter; Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist; Homosexual Rape, Sexually Abused)
Dylann Roof (Charleston Black Church Shooter; Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist)
Embarrassing Israel Daily (Google+ Community; Anti Jewish; IMS Group & SHH Group Members; Bojack Horseman, MrStosh, Odinrok, Operation Chaos, Photoviapops, PlasmaBurns, QKultra, Sammy Caine, Swan, Tiffany M., Toney Heart, TNN, UpNorthOfThe49th)
Erica Lafferty (Daughter Of Sandy Hook Victim Principal Dawn Hochsprung)
FBI (Federal Bureau Of Investigation; COINTELPRO, InfraGard, Uniform Crime Report (2012))
Fairfield County Indoor Shooting Range & Gun Store (Monroe Connecticut, Burnt To The Ground 2010.11.3; Adam, Nancy & Peter Lanza’s Indoor Gun Shooting Range; Trained By NRA Instructor Chris Hansen)
Fascism (Fascists)
Fast & Furious (BATF Gunrunning Operation)
FEMA Drill
HONR Network (Anti Sandy Hook HOAX; Lenny Pozner Founder, CW Wade)
German American Bund (Subversive US Nazis Movement; California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York; Founded 1936)
Gordon Duff (Veterans Today Sr. Editor & Writer; Ex US Navy Marines; CIA Agent, PsyOp Warfare; Anti Jewish, Holocaust Denier)
GPS (Adam Lanza’s Car)
Hillary Clinton
Holocaust Deniers (Anti Jewish, Nazi Sympathizers, SHH Group Majority)
HowISee (YouTuber; Cyber Stalker, Stalks Victims Of Crimes; Claims “Avielle Richman Is Lenie Urbina”, SHH Group; Anti Jewish, Crisis Actors, Face Matching, Hoaxes, Holocaust Denier, Nazi Sympathizer, Sandy Hook HOAX)
Independent Media Solidarity (IMS) Group
Informants (Confidential Informants (CI’s), FBI Informants (COINTELPRO), Military Intelligence Informants)
InfraGard (FBI; Informants Within Businesses & Communities, New Version Of COINTELPRO)
Insanemedia (Website, insanemedia.net, Now Run By SwanSong; Created 2013.1.x By “Kennedy Ray”; Military Links; Promoted Inaccurate Information About Bill# 1054 & Dr. Wayne Craver, Sandy Hook HOAX)
Insurrection (Rebellion, Revolution, Sedition, Subversive Activities, Treason; Crimes Against The United States)
Jackie Truetown (AKA "Duke Reichert"; Private Investigator, Informant??; Ex Connecticut State Judicial Employee, Ex Connecticut State Parole Officer, Ex Connecticut Police Officer, Ex Connecticut State Teacher; Sandy Hook Justice Group, SHH Group; David Weiss, Day Williams, James Tracy, Jim Fetzer, Thomas Lapp, Toney Heart, Wolfgang Halbig)
James Tracy (Professor, Ex Florida Atlantic University (FAU); memoryholeblog.com, Jackie Truetown Linked, Jim Fetzer Promotes, SHH Group; Hoaxes, Holocaust Denier, Sandy Hook HOAX)
Janet Robinson (Newtown School District Superintendent, Sandy Hook)
Jason Adams (Ex Teacher, Newtown Middle School (NMS); Busted For Bringing Handgun Into School 2016.4.6; Received Harassing Phone Calls & Online Messages From Sandy Hook HOAX Members, One From New York (Jonathan Reich?), Found Person’s Identity, Gave It To Police, NO Action Taken)
Jeff C. (YouTuber, New World Agenda (NWA), Free Radio Revolution (FRR); Canadian, Ex Military; IMS Group, SHH Group; Claims Alex Israel Is Katie Foley; Anti (Gay Homosexual, Jewish, Muslim), HOAX Whore, Racist, White Supremacist)
Jeff Dryden (Internet Troll, Sandy Hook HOAX; DOX’d CW Wade, Tiffany M.’s Friend)
Jeff Rense (Rense Radio Network Owner, Radio Talk Show Host; Anti Jewish, Aryan Mythology, Holocaust Denier, Nazi Sympathizer, UFO’s)
JFK Assassination
Jim Fetzer (Ex Professor; Ex US Navy Marines; Academic Freedom, AFP, SHH Group, Ex Veterans Today Board; Anti Jewish, DISINFO Agent, Holocaust Denier, Intelligence Agent; Jackie Truetown)
Jonathan Reich (YouTuber, AKA Scotty Walker; SHH Group; Charged For Making Threatening Phone Calls To Dr. Wayne Carver & Others In Newtown Sandy Hook)
Jordan Marsh (Mentally Handicapped, Schizophrenia; Arrested Numerous Times For Stealing Guns From Riverview Gun Sales Store From 2007 To 2012)
KateSlate11 (YouTuber, FRR, Jim Fetzer, SHH Group)
Kay Wilson (Lawyer, Crumbie Law Group (CLG); Charm School For Mavericks, Motivational Speaker, NLP Practitioner; Direct Links To CSP; Jim Fetzer Guest, Wolfgang Halbig's Lawyer)
Keith Johnson (YouTuber; Anti Sandy Hook HOAX, HONR Network Member; Ex Military?, Ex Police Officer; Ex AFP Radio Talk Show Host & Writer, Ex Alex Jones Infowars Writer; Holocaust Denier, Nazi Sympathizer, Racist, White Supremacist; Claims To Be Reformed)
Kelley Watt (YouTuber, gr8momkw1, Kelley From Tulsa; Jim Fetzer, SHH Group)
Ken Zrallack (AKA Kevin Harris, Tyrant Trooper; Connecticut White Wolves (CTWW) & Battalion 14 (B14CT) Leader & Co Founder; NEWP, White Revolution; White Lives Matter (WLM); Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist)
Kevin Wallin (‘Monsignor Meth'; Ex Diocese Of Bridgeport Monsignor; Sacred Heart)
Latin Kings (Gang; Nazi Low Riders (NLR) Linked; Drug Running, Gunrunning)
Lenie Urbina (Sandy Hook Survivor, Father Curtis Urbina; Claimed By SHH Group Members To Be “Loaned Out” To Play The Person "Avielle Richman")
Lenny Pozner (Father Of Sandy Hook Victim Noah Pozner; Anti Sandy Hook HOAX, HONR Network Founder)
LivingOnPlanetZ (YouTuber; Max Resistance Promotes; Claims “Avielle Richman Is Lenie Urbina”; Crisis Actors, Face Matching, Hoaxes, Sandy Hook HOAX)
Martial Law
Matthew Zrallack (Connecticut White Wolves & Battalion 14 (B14CT), Co Founder; NEWP, White Revolution; Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist)
Max Resistance (YouTuber; FPRN Radio Show, Sandy Hook HOAX LIVE Chats Host; Crisis Actors, Face Matching)
Meth (Methamphetamine)
Montagraph (YouTuber, ImYourGhost; Cyber Terrorist, Sandy Hook HOAX Promoter, Troll)
Mossad (Israel’s Intelligence Service, The Jews)
MrStosh (YouTuber; Embarrassing Israel Daily, IMS Group, SHH Group; Anti Jewish)
Nancy Lanza (Adam Lanza’s Mother)
National Rifle Association (NRA)
Nazi Low Riders (NLR) (Nazi Gang Famous For Manufacturing & Distributing Meth)
Nazi Sympathizers
NeoCons (Nazi Origins)
Newtown Connecticut
Nick Kollerstrom (Author, British; Deanna Spingola, Jim Fetzer, Kevin Barrett; Anti Jewish, Hoaxes, Holocaust Denier, Nazi Sympathizer, Racist, Sandy Hook HOAX)
NoDisinfo (Blogger, YouTuber; Claims “Avielle Richman Is Lenie Urbina”; Anti Jewish, Crisis Actors, Face Matching, Hoaxes, Holocaust Denier, Nazi Sympathizer, Racist, Sandy Hook HOAX)
North East White Pride (NEWP) (Nazi Regional Group; Connecticut, New Hampshire; Nazis, Racists, White Supremacist)
Odinrok (YouTuber; Embarrassing Israel Daily, IMS Group, SHH Group; Anti Jewish, Holocaust Denier, Nazi Sympathizer, New Ager, Theosophist, White Supremacist)
Office Of Naval Intelligence (ONI)
Operation Juice Box
Operation Paperclip (Nazi War Criminals Brought Into US; Rat Lines)
Owen Shroyer (Infowars Employee; Threatened Sandy Hook Victim Erica Lafferty, Believes Dylann Roof Was Sandy Hook Shooter)
Pablo Picasso (‘Three Musicians’, Art Mural, Fine Panel Mosaic Recreation Created At Sandy Hook School In 2010, Hung In Cafeteria)
Paulstal Service (TPS) (YouTuber; Claims Nancy Lanza Is Annie Haddad; FRR’s Friend, Promoted By Jim Fetzer; Anti Jewish)
Paul Vance Sr. (Lt., Connecticut State Police (CSP), Ex Spokesman; Cheshire Murders, Sandy Hook Massacre)
Pedophilia (Pedophiles)
Peter Lanza (Adam Lanza’s Father)
Pete Santilli (YouTuber, Patriot Radio Talk Show Host; Ex US Navy Marines; Bundy Ranch Standoff, Burns Oregon Standoff, FBI Informant?, Oath Keepers, PPN; Anti Jewish, Anti Muslim, Racist, White Supremacist?)
Professor Doom1 (YouTuber; Fake Professor, Ex Con, Meth, Nazi Low Riders (NLR); Anti Jewish, Crisis Actors, Face Matching, HOAX Whore, Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist, Sandy Hook HOAX)
Purple Van (Supposedly Tracked To “Mossad Safe House” In Greenwich Village New York; DISINFO Started By Gordon Duff, Repeated By Jim Fetzer, TNN & Others)
QKultra (YouTuber; Embarrassing Israel Daily, IMS Group, Jim Fetzer Promotes, SHH Group; Claims Victoria Soto Is Still Alive, Crisis Actors, Face Matching, Sandy Hook HOAX, Super Bowl Children)
RaHoWa (Racial Holy War; Nazi White Supremacists Dream)
ReviewManify (YouTuber, RedSilverJ, TeamWakeEmUp; Boston Bombings HOAX, Dylann Roof HOAX, Sandy Hook HOAX; Jim Fetzer Promotes, Ron Paul Pimp)
Richard Novia (Ex Newtown School District Director Of Security (2008), NHS Tech Club Advisor, LAN Parties; Knew Adam, Nancy & Ryan Lanza; ASIS International, FBI InfraGard Member)
Riverview Gun Sales (East Windsor Connecticut; Nancy Lanza’s Gun Store; Long History Of MANY Severe Violations; BATF Raided & Closure 2012.12.20)
Ron Paul
Ryan Lanza (Adam Lanza's Older Brother)
Sabrina Phillips (Author, Sandy Hook Book ‘Making A Killing'; IMS Group, SHH Group; LIVE Chat Harassment Via Voice Changer; Jackie Truetown, Jim Fetzer Promotes)
Samantha Caine (YouTuber; Embarrassing Israel Daily, SHH Group; Anti Jewish)
Sandy Hook HOAX (SHH) Group (Wolfgang Halbig & William Shanley, Both Introduced By Jim Fetzer)
Sheila Matthews (AbleChild; Claims Adam Lanza Was On SSRI Drugs (UNTRUE); Frequent Guest On Holocaust Denier & Nazi Sympathizer Deanna Spingola's Radio Show (Enemy Of SHH Group), Also Promoted By SHH Group)
Sikh Temple Shootings (2012.8.5, Oak Creek Wisconsin, Shooter Wade Michael Page; Ex Military, Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist)
Sleight Of Sin (YouTuber; Max Resistance, SHH Group; Active Military, Connecticut National Guard, US Army; Wolfgang Halbig Assistant)
Southbury Connecticut (Planned Location For Largest Nazi Youth Camp & Training Center In US; Rejected By Vote 1937.12.14)
St. Rose Of Lima Church & School
Super Bowl Children (QKultra Made Video Claiming Sandy Hook Children Invited To Sing At The Super Bowl Were The Fake Dead Children; Crisis Actors, Face Matching)
SwanSong (YouTuber, insanemedia.net; Canadian; IMS Group, Max Resistance Host, SHH Group)
Theosophical Society (Founder Madame Blavatsky, Theosophists; Aryan Master Race, Aryan Superman, Atlantis, Channeling, Lemuria, Nazis, Occultists, Racists, White Supremacists)
Tiffany M. (YouTuber; HONR Network Member; Embarrassing Israel Daily, Ex IMS Group, Ex SHH Group; Anti Jewish, Anti Muslim, Internet Troll)
Tin Star Gun Shooting Range & Store (Weatherford Oklahoma; Nancy Lanza Purchased Something, Likely Ammo)
Toney Heart (YouTube Troll; Embarrassing Israel Daily, IMS Group, Max Resistance, SHH Group Gruppenfuhrer & Secretary General; Jackie Truetown, Wolfgang Halbig’s Personal Butt Cleaner)
TROLLS (Agent19, Caliberhitter, Montagraph)
TruthMediaRevolution (TMR) (YouTuber, Formerly RPR; FRR, KateSlate, WDIL; Anti Jewish, Cube, Holocaust Denier, New Ager, Saturn, UFO’s, White Supremacist)
Tyranny News Network (TNN) (YouTuber, Peter Klein; Ex US Navy; Carnicom, Embarrassing Israel Daily, IMS Group, SHH Group, Sofia Smallstorm; Anti Jewish, Holocaust Denier, Nazi Sympathizer, White Supremacist)
Undercover Agent (CSP, FBI, Newtown Police Department (NPD))
Undercover Storefront (BATF Operations)
UNENSLAVER (YouTuber; SHH Group; Crisis Actors, Face Matching, Threatens REAL Sandy Hook Researchers)
UpNorthOfThe49th (YouTuber, maxresistance.com; Canadian; Embarrassing Israel Daily, IMS Group, Max Resistance Creator, SHH Group; Anti Muslim, Anti Jewish, Crisis Actors, Face Matching)
Uzar Family (Anthony Jr. & Sr., George Jr. & Sr., Patrick; Norwalk, Stamford & Trumbull Connecticut; Latin Kings Links; Drugs (Cocaine, Ecstasy), Manufacturing, Modifying & Selling Illegal Guns (Full Auto)
Veterans Today (Ex Intelligence Agents & Ex Military; Gordon Duff, Jim Fetzer (Ex), Kevin Barrett; Anti Jewish, Domestic Surveillance, Holocaust Deniers, PsyOps, Sandy Hook HOAX, Switzerland Nazi Links)
Victoria Soto (Sandy Hook Teacher, Victim; Stratford High School Graduate (2003), Jessica Zrallack’s Friend; Sister Carlee Soto)
Vital Records Book (“The Vital Records Of Kingston New Hampshire (1694 To 1994)” By Judith A. Arseneault (1995, 2002, 2009); FAULTY, MISSING DATA)
Wade Michael Page (Sikh Temple Shooter; AKA Wade Van Buskirk; US Army PsyOps Specialist, Fort Bragg; Hammerskins, Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist)
Wayne Carver (Dr.; Ex Connecticut State Chief Medical Examiner; Cheshire Murders, Sandy Hook Autopsies)
White Lives Matter (WLM) Connecticut (Formerly Connect White Wolves (CTWW) & Battalion 14 (B14CT); Ken Zrallack, AKA Kevin Harris, Tyrant Trooper)
White Supremacists (Aryan Master Race, Aryan Superman, Nazis, Racists)
William Shanley ($1 Trillion Lawsuit, Introduced To SHH Group By Jackie Truetown & Jim Fetzer; Anti Jewish, New Ager)
Willis Carto (AFP Founder, Populist Party; Historical Revisionism, Holocaust Denier, Nazi Sympathizer, Right Wing, White Supremacist)
Wolfgang Halbig (Self Styled School Safety Expert; Ex Military, USAF SAC; Ex School Administrator; Jeb Bush Appointed; Introduced To SHH Group By Jim Fetzer; AFP Promoter, Jackie Truetown)
Wooster Mountain Gun Shooting Range (Danbury Connecticut; Peter Lanza Took Adam Shooting At This Range)
ZeeklyTV (Founder & Owner Jeffrey Sisk, YouTube Competitor; Jim Fetzer's Friend, Promotes DallasGoldBug)
ZeeRoe3 (YouTuber, Angel Colon, ZeeRoeThree; Max Resistance, SHH Group, Wolfgang Halbig Supporter; Crisis Actors, Face Matching, Sandy Hook HOAX)

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