911 REDUX; NeoCons Are Nazis, Alex Jones, Giuliani & Trump; Webster Tarpley's 911 Speech (2004)

2016.9.11 (AE) - On the 15th Anniversary of 911 I thought I’d provide a rare and informative speech given by Webster Tarpley on 2004.10.23… this video starts with my own commentary about how Alex Jones has “flip flopped” from his famous claim that "911 Was An Inside Job"; brought to you by Bush, Cheney, the NeoCons, and PNAC; to now blaming it all on the Saudis… amazingly, Alex Jones is now in league with 911 suspect Rudy Giuliani, and they are both supporting Donald Trump, who has clearly stated that he will "go to Congress and ask them to declare a WORLD WAR” if he’s elected...


28 Pages (911 Commission Report Redacted Pages, Implicates Saudis)
911 Commission Report
911 Flip Flop (Alex Jones)
911 Hijackers (Patsies, Saudis)
911 Inside Job
911 Truth
Alex Jones (Infowars)
Al Qaeda (CIA’s Arab Legion; Ayman Al Zawahiri, Bin Laden; ISIL, ISIS; Patsies)
BBC (The Power Of Nightmares)
Bin Laden (Al Qaeda Leader; Patsy)
Bush Jr. (NeoCon, Nazi Family)
CIA (911 Put Options, Buzzy Krongard, Stock Market Manipulation)
Condoleezza Rice (Warned San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown)
Controlled Demolitions
Dick Cheney (NeoCon, PNAC)
Donald Trump (Trump 2016; LoserDonald, Warmonger)
False Flag Terrorism (Operation Gladio)
Fascists (Nazis, NeoCons, PNAC)
FEMA (Project TRIPOD II Terror Drill)
Hijackers Alive
Hijackers Special Visas (Jeddah Saudi Arabia, J. Michael Springmann)
Hillary Clinton (Hillary 2016; Warmonger)
ISIS (Islamic State Of Iraq & Syria; Al Qaeda In Iraq Origins, CIA, MI6 & NATO Funded & Supported)
Leo Strauss (Father Of NeoCons; Influences, Carl Schmitt (Nazi), Heidegger (Nazi), Nietzsche (Proto Nazi); FASCISTS, NIHILIST REVOLUTION (GENOCIDE, TERRORISM, WAR))
Magic Passports
NATO (Operation Gladio, EX NAZI INTELLIGENCE NETWORK, GEHLEN ORGANIZATION; Self Inflicted Terrorism, Synthetic Terrorism)
Nazis (Fascists, NeoCons)
NORAD (911 StandDown)
Operation Gladio (CIA, MI6, NATO; EX NAZI INTELLIGENCE NETWORK, GEHLEN ORGANIZATION; False Flag Terrorism, Self Inflicted Terrorism, Synthetic Terrorism)
Paul Wolfowitz (NeoCon, PNAC)
Patsies (Dupe, Fall Guy, Patsy, Scapegoat, Sucker; 911 Hijackers, Bin Laden, Lee Harvey Oswald)
Philip Zelikow (911 Commission Head, PNAC)
Project For The New American Century (PNAC) (FASCISTS, NeoCons)
Propaganda (Media)
Put Options (911, CIA’s Buzzy Krongard, Stock Market Manipulation)
Reichstag Fire (Nazi Germany; Emergency Powers, Martial Law; Carl Schmitt Involved)
Richard Armitage (PNAC)
Richard Clarke
Richard Myers (Ex Four Star General, JCS)
Rudy Giuliani
Sandy Hook HOAX
Saudis (911 Hijackers)
Secret Government (Private Military Network, Rogue Network, Shadow Government)
Sibel Edmonds (911 Whistleblower, FBI Translator)
Stock Market Manipulation (911 Put Options, CIA’s Buzzy Krongard)
Warmongers (Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton)
Webster Tarpley
White Supremacists (Nazis)
Willie Brown (San Francisco Mayor; Warning From Condoleezza Rice)
WTC7 (Implosion)

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