NAZIS ARE NOT CHRISTIANS; Aryan Blood, Gnostics, Luciferians, Occultists, Pagans, Sun Worshippers

2016.4.30 (AE) - This video provides DEFINITIVE PROOF that the Nazi religion is NOT Christian, it's the "rebirth" of Paganism


Adam Lanza
Agent Provocateur
Alex Jones (Infowars, Patriot Radio Talk Show Host; Freemason, Right Wing, Wolfgang Halbig Promoter & Supporter)
Alfred Rosenberg (Thule Society; Early & Influential Member Of Nazi Party, Introduced To Hitler By Dietrich Eckart; Anti Christian, New Religion Of The Blood)
Anders Breivik (Norway Spree Killer; 2083 Manifesto; Anti Muslim, Freemason, Knights Templar, Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist)
Andreas Strassmeir (OKC Bombing; German National, Ex German Army, German Intelligence?; Elohim City's Chief Of Security, FBI Informant?; Father Gunter Was German Chancellor Helmut Kohl's Chief Of Staff; Christian Identity, Nazi, White Supremacist)
Anonymous Hackers (Brought Down Hal Turner's Websites, Supposedly Hacked Pete Santilli's Computer)
Arizona Special Operations Group (ASOG) (Leader Parris Frazier, Erik Foster, Robert Deatherage; FBI Drug Sting; Arizona Border Patrol, Arizona Mosque Protest Security For Jon Ritzheimer; Anti Immigration)
Aryan Brotherhood (2002 RICO Lawsuit, 40 Members Convicted Of Racketeering, Conspiracy & Murders)
Aryan Master Race (Eugenics, Lebensborn, Race Selection)
Aryan Nations (Richard Butler Founder; WHITES ONLY HOMELAND; Christian Identity, Nazis, White Supremacists)
Asperger's Syndrome (Autism)
Battalion 14 (B14CT) (Nazi Group, Formerly Connecticut White Wolves, Ken & Matthew Zrallack Founders; Part Of NEWP, White Revolution Reps; Nazis, Racists, White Supremacists)
Blaine Cooper (FAKE Ex US Navy Marines, Valor Thief; Arizona Border Patrol, Arizona Mosque Protests, Burns Oregon Standoff; FBI Informant?; Anti Muslim, Racist)
Blood Atonement (Mormon Doctrine; Spilling Of Blood To Atone For Severe Sins)
Brandon Curtiss (Ex Police Officer; Idaho III% President, PPN Co Founder; Burns Oregon Standoff, FBI Informant?, Oath Keepers; Anti Muslim, Racist)
Brian Cavalier (FAKE Ex US Navy Marines, Valor Thief; Burns Oregon Standoff, FBI Informant?)
Bretzing Family (FBI Agent Gregory Bretzing In Charge Of Burns Oregon Standoff; Father Richard Bretzing, Ex FBI Chief, Mormon Church Security Head)
Burns Oregon Standoff (Militia)
Bush Crime Family (Prescott Bush, Nazi Party Financing, George Bush Sr., New World Order Speech 1990.9.11)
Carol Howe (Dennis Mahon's Girlfriend, Elohim City Resident; BATF Confidential Informant; Christian Identity, Nazi, White Supremacist)
Catholic Church
Catholic Pedophile Priests
Christopher Overton Gibson (Aryan Brotherhood, One Of The Top Four Leaders, In Charge Of Day To Day Activities; 2002 RICO Lawsuit)
COINTELPRO (FBI Counterintelligence Program; Cognitive Infiltration, Domestic Surveillance, Infiltration Of Movements, Perception Management, Propaganda)
Connecticut White Wolves (See Battalion 14)
CSA (The Covenant, The Sword & The Arm Of The Lord) (Elijah Missouri, James Ellison Founder; Kerry Noble, Robert Millar; Aryan Nations, Christian Identity, KKK, Nazis, POLYGAMY, White Supremacists)
Data Mining (Social Media)
December 14th (Date 12.14; 1937.12.14, 2009.12.14, 2012.12.14)
Dietrich Eckart (Introduced Hitler; Occultist, Pagan)
Domestic Terrorism
Dylan Klebold (Columbine Massacre Shooter; Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist; Homosexual Rape, Sexually Abused)
Elohim City (Oklahoma, Founder Robert Millar, OKC Bombing Links, The Order Links; Andreas Strassmeir, Dennis Mahon, James Ellison, Kerry Noble, Michael Fortier, Richard Wayne Snell, Timothy McVeigh; Christian Identity, KKK, Nazis, POLYGAMY, White Supremacists)
Eric Harris (Columbine Massacre Shooter; Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist; Homosexual Rape, Sexually Abused)
Eugenics (Aryan Master Race, Darwinism, Race Selection)
Fascism (Fascists)
FBI Informants (Confidential Informants (CI's), JTTF)
Freemasonry (Anti Christian, Gnosticism, Occult, Racists, White Supremacists)
German American Bund (Subversive US Nazis Movement; California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York; Founded 1936)
Guido Von List (Germanenorden; Occultist, Pagan)
Hal Turner (Patriot Radio Talk Show Host; FBI JTTF Informant For 15 Years, Threatened Judges & Politicians; Anti Jewish, Anti Muslim, Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist)
Harold Covington (NWF Founder, WHITES ONLY HOMELAND; Ex US Army; British Nazi Terror Group Combat 18 (C18) Member; Rhodesian White People's Party Founder; Mercenary, Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist)
Hitler (Anti Christian, Occultist, Pagan)
Holocaust Deniers
Honeypot (Something Which Attracts People In Great Numbers; A Setup, Bait)
Independent Media Solidarity (IMS) Group
James Tracy (Professor, Ex Florida Atlantic University (FAU); memoryholeblog.com, SHH Group; Holocaust Denier; Promoted By Jim Fetzer)
Jason Patrick (Georgia Militia, Bundy Ranch Standoff, Burns Oregon Standoff)
Jim Fetzer (Ex Military; Professor; Academic Freedom, AFP, SHH Group, Ex Veterans Today Board; Anti Jewish, Holocaust Denier, Intelligence Agent)
Joe O'Shaugnessy (Arizona Militia Captain; Burns Oregon Standoff)
John Birch Society (JBS) (Robert Welch Founder, Mormons; Anti Communist, CIA, FBI'S COINTELPRO, Freemasons, White Supremacists)
John Friend (AFP Writer, Radio Talk Show Host; Burns Oregon Standoff, Jim Fetzer, Jon Ritzheimer, Sofia Smallstorm; Holocaust Denier, Nazi Sympathizer, Sandy Hook Hoax, White Supremacist)
Jon Ritzheimer (Ex US Navy Marines; Arizona Mosque Protests, ASOG, Burns Oregon Standoff; FBI Informant??; Anti Muslim, Racist, White Supremacist)
Ken Zrallack (Connecticut White Wolves & Battalion 14 (B14CT) Leader & Co Founder; NEWP, White Revolution; Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist)
Kevin Wallin ('Monsignor Meth'; Ex Diocese Of Bridgeport Monsignor; Sacred Heart)
Lavoy Finicum (Burns Oregon Standoff; Mormon Bishop)
Lebensborn (Nazi Eugenics Program Setup By Heinrich Himmler; Aryan Master Race)
Mark Kessler (Ex Police Chief, Ex Patriot Radio Talk Show Host (GMN, Pete Santilli); Constitutional Security Force (CSF) Founder, Oath Keepers; FBI JTTF Informant)
Matthew Zrallack (Connecticut White Wolves & Battalion 14 (B14CT), Co Founder; NEWP, White Revolution; Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist)
Max Resistance (YouTuber; FPRN Radio Show, Sandy Hook HOAX LIVE Chats Host)
Meth (Methamphetamine)
Mormon Church (Mormons, LDS; CIA & FBI Recruits; Anti Christian, Blood Atonement, Communism (Orderville), Freemasonry Based, Occult, Racists, Revolution, Secret Kingdom, White Horse Prophecy, White Supremacists, Zionists)
MrStosh (YouTuber; IMS Group, SHH Group)
Nancy Lanza
National Alliance (Formerly The American Nazi Party (ANP); Nazis, White Supremacists)
Nazi Low Riders (NLR) (Nazi Gang Famous For Manufacturing & Distributing Meth)
Nazi Sympathizers
Newtown Connecticut
North East White Pride (NEWP) (Nazi Regional Group; Connecticut, New Hampshire; Nazis, Racists, White Supremacist)
Northwest Front (NWF) (Harold Covington Founder; WHITES ONLY HOMELAND; Northwest Imperative, The Butler Plan, True Nordic & Caucasian Super Republic; Nazis, White Supremacists)
Oath Keepers (Founder Stewart Rhodes; Yale University Lawyer)
Odinrok (YouTuber; IMS Group, SHH Group; Anti Jewish, Holocaust Denier, Nazi Sympathizer, New Ager, Theosophist, White Supremacist)
Office Of Naval Intelligence (ONI)
Oklahoma City Bombing (OKC Bombing) (1995.4.19; Andreas Strassmeir, Dennis Mahon, Elohim City, Timothy McVeigh)
Operation Juice Box (Newtown Police Busted In Federal Sting, Involved In International Drug Ring)
Operation Paperclip (Nazi War Criminals Brought Into US; Rat Lines)
Pacific Patriots Network (PPN) (Militia Group; Co Founder Brandon Curtiss; Burns Oregon Standoff)
Pedophilia (Pedophiles)
Peter Lanza
Pete Santilli (YouTuber, Patriot Radio Talk Show Host; Ex US Navy Marines; Bundy Ranch Standoff, Burns Oregon Standoff, FBI Informant?, Oath Keepers, PPN; Anti Jewish, Anti Muslim, Racist, White Supremacist?)
Professor Doom1 (YouTuber; Fake Professor, Ex Con, Nazi Low Riders (NLR); Anti Jewish, HOAX Whore, Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist)
QKultra (YouTuber; IMS Group, SHH Group; Claims Victoria Soto Is Still Alive, Super Bowl Children; Promoted By Jim Fetzer)
RaHoWa (Racial Holy War; Nazi White Supremacists Dream)
Robert Mathews (The Order Founder; Aryan Nations, National Alliance; Mormon, Nazi, White Supremacist)
Ryan Lanza
Ryan Payne (FAKE Ex Army Ranger, Valor Thief; Bundy Ranch Standoff, Burns Oregon Standoff, FBI Informant?)
Sandy Hook HOAX (SHH) Group (Gruppenfuhrer & Secretary General Toney Heart; Wolfgang Halbig & William Shanley BOTH Introduced By Jim Fetzer)
Sikh Temple Shootings (2012.8.5, Oak Creek Wisconsin, Shooter Wade Michael Page; Ex Military, Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist)
Sofia Smallstorm (Radio Talk Show Host; Ex Military Family; 911, IMS Group, Jim Fetzer, SHH Group; Anti Jewish, Holocaust Denier, Nazi Sympathizer, New Ager)
Southbury Connecticut (Planned Location For Largest Nazi Youth Camp & Training Center In US; Rejected By Vote 1937.12.14)
Spitfire Sentinel (YouTuber Network; Eric Wilkinson, Jeff Hays, Laurie Alexander, Mike Serour, Scott Schaller; Pete Santilli Linked & Supporters)
St. Rose Of Lima Church & School
SwanSong (YouTuber, insanemedia.net; Canadian; IMS Group, Max Resistance Host, SHH Group)
Theosophical Society (Founder Madame Blavatsky, Theosophy; Anti Jewish, Atlantis, Aryan Master Race, Aryan Superman, Channeling, Lemuria, Luciferians, Nazis (Proto), Occultists, Racists, White Supremacists)
Thule Society (German Occultists; Anti Jewish, Atlantis, Aryan Master Race, Luciferians, Nazis (Proto), Racists, White Supremacy)
Timothy McVeigh (OKC Bomber; Ex US Army, Fort Bragg, SPECIAL FORCES; Andreas Strassmeir, Dennis Mahon, Elohim City; Catholic, KKK, Nazi, White Supremacist)
Toney Heart (YouTube Troll; IMS Group, Max Resistance, SHH Group Gruppenfuhrer & Secretary General; Wolfgang Halbig's Personal Butt Cleaner)
Tyranny News Network (TNN) (YouTuber, Peter Klein; Ex US Navy; Carnicom, IMS Group, SHH Group, Sofia Smallstorm; Anti Jewish, Holocaust Denier, Nazi Sympathizer, White Supremacist)
Valor Thief (People Misrepresenting Themselves As Ex Military Veterans)
Victoria Soto (Sandy Hook Teacher, Victim; Stratford High School Graduate (2003), Jessica Zrallack's Friend; Sister Carlee Soto)
Vinny Eastwood (YouTuber, Radio Talk Show Host; Exposed Pete Santilli As FBI Informant)
Vril Society (German Occultists; Anti Jewish, Atlantis, Aryan Master Race, Luciferians, Nazis (Proto), Racists, UFO's, White Supremacy)
Wade Michael Page (Sikh Temple Shooter; AKA Wade Van Buskirk; US Army PsyOps Specialist, Fort Bragg; Hammerskins, Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist)
White Supremacists (Aryan Race Supremacy, Nazis, Racists)
Willis Carto (AFP Founder, Populist Party; Historical Revisionism, Holocaust Denier, Nazi Sympathizer, Right Wing, White Supremacist)
Wolfgang Halbig (Ex Military, USAF SAC; Ex School Administrator; Jeb Bush Appointed; Introduced To SHH Group By Jim Fetzer; Promotes AFP)

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