SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Jade Helm 15 & September 23rd Apocalypse FEAR PORN LIARS, Starring Jim Fetzer

2015.9.23 (AE) - Exposing three of the BIGGEST FEAR PORN PROMOTERS on YouTube and in the alternative media "Truth Movement"… Alex Jones, Jim Fetzer & Professor Doom…

EPISODE# 2 (Attack Of The Brainless):  starring Jim Fetzer… this episode is where the rubber hits the road… Wal-Marts are being taken over by "The Feds", stripped down, and repurposed as TORTURE CENTERS… with "ELECTRIFIED FLOORS" being installed in order that the great and heroic "Patriots" (ie, ex military, LOL) can be properly RENDITIONED into submission… but if that isn't enough to frighten you into your bunker, fear not (I mean, FEAR A LOT) because it looks like "someone" has plans to "Nuke Yellowstone" and divide the continental United States into two parts!!!… oh, and there may also be an "Asteroid Strike Apocalypse" that will cause a Tsunami to hit the East coast and… KILL 80 MILLION PEOPLE!!!… just like Professor Doom predicted… LMFAO!!!!!!

**WATCH AT 720P HD**


2083, A European Declaration Of Independence (Anders Breivik's Manifesto; Anti Muslim, Racist, White Supremacist)
Adam Lanza
Alex Jones (Infowars, Radio Talk Show Host; Freemason, Right Wing, Wolfgang Halbig Promoter & Supporter)
American Free Press (AFP) (Willis Carto Founder; Anti Jewish, Holocaust Deniers, Racists, Sandy Hook HOAX Promoters)
Anders Breivik (Norway Spree Killer; 2083 Manifesto; Anti Muslim, Freemason, Knights Templar, Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist)
Asteroid Strike (Tsunami)
Battalion 14 (B14CT) (Nazi Group, Formerly Connecticut White Wolves, Ken & Matthew Zrallack Founders; Nazis, Racists, White Supremacists)
Black Hole (CERN)
Carrington Event (Solar Flare, EMP)
Catholic Church
Catholic Pedophile Priests
CERN (Black Hole, Stargate)
COINTELPRO (FBI Counterintelligence Program; Cognitive Infiltration, Domestic Surveillance, Infiltration Of Movements, Perception Management, Propaganda)
Columbine Massacre (1999.4.20, Littleton Colorado, Shooters Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold; Hitler's Birthday Chosen For Massacre; Nazis, Racists, White Supremacists; Homosexual Rape, Sexually Abused)
Connecticut White Wolves (Nazi Group, Ken & Matthew Zrallack Founders; Later Called Battalion 14 (B14CT), Part Of NEWP, White Revolution Reps)
December 14th (Date 12.14; 1937.12.14, 2009.12.14, 2012.12.14)
Disinfo Agents
Domestic Terrorism
Dylan Klebold (Columbine Massacre Shooter; Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist; Homosexual Rape, Sexually Abused)
EMP (Carrington Event, Solar Flare)
Eric Harris (Columbine Massacre Shooter; Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist; Homosexual Rape, Sexually Abused)
Fairfield Connecticut
FOIA Hearing
German American Bund (Subversive US Nazis Movement; California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York; Founded 1936)
Gordon Duff (Ex Military; CIA Agent, Veterans Today Sr. Editor & Writer; Anti Jewish, Holocaust Denier)
Hammerskins (White Supremacist Group; Wade Michael Page Member Of Western Hammerskins & Crew 38; Nazis, Racists)
Holocaust Deniers
Independent Media Solidarity (IMS) Group
Jade Helm 15 (US Military Drill)
Jim Fetzer (Ex Military; Professor; Academic Freedom, AFP, SHH Group, Ex Veterans Today Board; Anti Jewish, Holocaust Denier, Intelligence Agent)
Ken Zrallack (Connecticut White Wolves & Battalion 14 (B14CT) Leader & Co Founder; NEWP, White Revolution; Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist)
Matthew Zrallack (Connecticut White Wolves & Battalion 14 (B14CT), Co Founder; NEWP, White Revolution; Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist)
Nancy Lanza
Nazi Sympathizers
Newtown Connecticut
North East White Pride (NEWP) (Nazi Regional Group; Connecticut, New Hampshire; Nazis, Racists, White Supremacist)
Operation Gladio (CIA & NATO False Flag Terrorism In Europe, Performed By Ex Nazis "Stay Behind Units", Gehlen Organization, Reinhard Gehlen)
Operation Paperclip (Nazi War Criminals Brought Into US; Rat Lines)
Peter Lanza
Professor Doom1 (YouTuber; Fake Professor, Ex Con, Bullshit Artist)
Propaganda (HOAX Meme)
RaHoWa (Racial Holy War; Nazi White Supremacists Dream)
Reinhard Gehlen (Hitler's Intelligence Chief, Recruited By CIA, West German Intelligence Head; Gehlen Organization, Operation Gladio; Nazi)
Ryan Lanza
Sandy Hook HOAX
Sandy Hook HOAX (SHH) Group (Wolfgang Halbig & William Shanley, Both Introduced By Jim Fetzer)
Sandy Hook Massacre (2012.12.14, Newtown Connecticut)
Sandy Hook Truth
September 23rd Apocalypse (2015.9.23)
Shocked Beyond Belief (SBB) (Columbine Massacre Discussion Forum; Adam Lanza Posted Under Name 'Smiggles')
Solar Flare (EMP)
Southbury Connecticut (Planned Location For Largest Nazi Youth Camp & Training Center In US; Rejected By Vote 1937.12.14)
Sikh Temple Shootings (2012.8.5, Oak Creek Wisconsin, Shooter Wade Michael Page; Ex Military, Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist)
Stargate (CERN)
Stratford Connecticut
Tsunami (Asteroid Strike)
Veterans Today (Ex Intelligence Agents & Ex Miltary; Jim Fetzer (Ex), Kevin Barrett; Anti Jewish, Holocaust Deniers, Sandy Hook HOAX Promoters)
Victoria Soto (Sandy Hook Teacher, Victim; Stratford High School Graduate 2003)
Wade Michael Page (Sikh Temple Shooter; AKA Wade Van Buskirk; US Army PsyOps Specialist, Fort Bragg; Hammerskins, Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist)
White Revolution (Nazi Group; National Alliance Spin Off; Connecticut White Wolves Link)
White Supremacists (Aryan Race Supremacy, Nazis, Racists)
William Shanley (Introduced To SHH Group By Jim Fetzer, $1 Trillion Lawsuit, New Ager)
Willis Carto (AFP Founder, Populist Party; Historical Revisionism, Holocaust Denier, Nazi Sympathizer, Right Wing, White Supremacist)
Wolfgang Halbig (Ex Military, USAF SAC; Ex School Administrator; Jeb Bush Appointed; Introduced To SHH Group By Jim Fetzer; Promotes AFP)


  1. Quite interesting indeed.

    If your research leads you to any strong conclusions about FEMA camps, anything you care to reveal in future episodes would be helpful to those of us who have been listening to hints and fear-mongering about them for years.

    Appreciated the added "dings" and "laugh-marks". Otherwise it would have been difficult to listen to so much JF in one sitting. How in the world can you stand it?


    1. Hi Alec,
      I'm happy to hear you appreciated my sound effects… I planned on only dropping in a few, but there were so many lies it got out of control, LOL
      I'm not trying to be a jerk by doing this series, it's just that these people are really lying to people, and deceiving them, about many many things.
      The FEMA Camps are real, they definitely exist, and REX 84 was a SERIOUSLY disturbing and completely racist plan allowed to develop under Reagan, a Nazi sympathizer.
      My opinion is that the FEMA Camp fear promoted in the alternative media is a calculated play to neutralize people's concern, and turn it into a "debunked" joke.