SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Adam Lanza Baseball Athlete, Response To Professor Doom & Smackdown

2015.9.27 (AE) - This is my response to Professor Doom's allegations that a 2001 article about Adam Lanza playing baseball has "mysteriously appeared" on the Newtownbee.com… this is NOT true, and my video PROVES it…

**WATCH AT 720P HD**


$1 Trillion Lawsuit (William Shanley)
1st Grade (1998)
911 Truth (Judy Wood, Introduced By Jim Fetzer)
Adam Lanza
Alter Boys
American Free Press (AFP) (Holocaust Deniers, Revisionist History; Founded By Nazi Willis Carto)
Asperger's Syndrome (Autism)
Autism (Asperger's)
Bishop Edward Egan (Diocese Of Bridgeport (1988 To 2000))
Bishop William Curtis (Diocese Of Bridgeport (1961 To 1988))
Catholic Church
Catholic Pedophile Priests
Child Abuse
Child Autopsies
Child Sex Rings
Connecticut State Police (CSP)
Counterintelligence Program (COINTELPRO) (FBI Program; Cognitive Infiltration, Domestic Surveillance, Infiltration Of Movements, Propaganda)
Danbury Hospital (Pediatric Records; Emergency Room Visit 2005.9.x)
Diocese Of Bridgeport (Catholic)
Disinfo Agents
Domestic Surveillance (COINTELPRO)
Hartford Courant (Newspaper; Raising Adam Lanza Article & Documentary)
Holocaust Denial
Holocaust Deniers
Intelligence Agents
James Champion (Nancy Lanza's Brother)
James Tracy (Professor, Florida Atlantic University (FAU); memoryholeblog.com)
JFK Assassination (Judyth Vary Baker, Introduced By Jim Fetzer)
Jim Fetzer (Professor; AFP, Veterans Today; Holocaust Denier, Intelligence Agent)
John Castaldo (Father, Pastor, Rev.; St. Rose Of Lima; CSP Troop A & G Chaplain; Pedophile)
Judyth Vary Baker (Introduced To JFK Truth By Jim Fetzer)
Judy Wood (Introduced To 911 Truth By Jim Fetzer)
Michael Ridley (NHS Psychologist; Adam Lanza Evaluation Session 2006.12.x)
Nancy Lanza
New Age
Newtown Bee (Newspaper)
Newtown Connecticut
Newtown High School (NHS)
Newtown High School (NHS) Computer Tech Club (Adam Lanza Joined 2007.9.x)
Newtown Middle School (NMS)
Norwalk Community College
Office Of The Child Advocate (OCA) (Connecticut)
Office Of Naval Intelligence (ONI)
PBS FRONTLINE (Raising Adam Lanza Documentary)
Pediatric Records (Danbury Hospital, Report# 00259480)
Peter Lanza
Pimp Game
Pope Benedict XVI
Professor Doom1 (YouTuber; Fake Professor, Ex Con, Bullshit Artist)
Reed Intermediate School
Report# 00183916
Report# 00259480
Robert A. King (Dr., YCSC; Adam Lanza Evaluation Session 2006.10.24)
Ryan Lanza
Sandy Hook Hoax
Sandy Hook Hoax (SHH) Group (Wolfgang Halbig & William Shanley, Both Introduced By Jim Fetzer)
Sandy Hook Massacre
Stephen Sedensky (State's Attorney; Sedensky Report)
St. Rose Of Lima Church & School
United States Marine Corps (USMC) (US Navy)
Veterans Today (VT) (Domestic Surveillance, Intelligence Agents; Holocaust Deniers, Switzerland Nazi Links)
Western Connecticut State University (WCSU)
William Shanley (Introduced To Sandy Hook Truth By Jim Fetzer, $1 Trillion Lawsuit, New Ager)
Willis Carto (AFP Founder; Holocaust Denier, Revisionist History; Nazi)
Wolfgang Halbig (Introduced To Sandy Hook Truth By Jim Fetzer; Promotes AFP)
Yale Child Study Center (YCSC) (Autism & Asperger's Syndrome Treatment; Dr. Robert A. King)

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