Sandy Hook LIVE Chat; Nazis In Connecticut Link, 1937.12.14

2015.8.16 (AE) - LIVE Chat between JFK371 and Joel discussing a broad range of Sandy Hook topics… including the Sandy Hook event occurring on the 75th Anniversary of the Nazi German American Bund being kicked out of Southbury Connecticut on 1937.12.14.

**WATCH AT 720P HD**


2083, A European Declaration Of Independence (Anders Breivik's Manifesto; Anti Muslim, Racist)
Adam Lanza
Anders Breivik (Norway Spree Killer; 2083 Manifesto; Anti Muslim, Freemason, Knights Templar, Nazi, White Supremacist)
Columbine Massacre (Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold; Hitler's Birthday Chosen For Massacre; Nazis, White Supremacists; Homosexual Rape, Sexually Abused)
American Free Press (AFP) (Willis Carto Founder; Anti Jewish, Holocaust Deniers, Racists, Sandy Hook HOAX Promoters)
Catholic Church
Catholic Pedophile Priests
COINTELPRO (FBI Counterintelligence Program; Cognitive Infiltration, Domestic Surveillance, Infiltration Of Movements, Perception Management, Propaganda)
December 14th (12.14)
Disinfo Agents
Dylan Klebold (Columbine Massacre Shooter; Nazi, White Supremacist; Homosexual Rape, Sexually Abused)
Eric Harris (Columbine Massacre Shooter; Nazi, White Supremacist; Homosexual Rape, Sexually Abused)
FOIA Hearing
German American Bund (Subversive US Nazis Movement; California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York; Founded 1936)
Holocaust Deniers
Homosexual (Gay)
Independent Media Solidarity (IMS) Group
Jim Fetzer (Ex Military; Professor; Academic Freedom, AFP, SHH Group, Ex Veterans Today Board; Anti Jewish, Holocaust Denier, Intelligence Agent)
Nancy Lanza
Nazi Sympathizers
Newtown Connecticut
Peter Lanza
Ryan Lanza
Sandy Hook HOAX
Sandy Hook HOAX (SHH) Group (Wolfgang Halbig & William Shanley, Both Introduced By Jim Fetzer)
Sandy Hook Massacre
Sandy Hook Truth
Shocked Beyond Belief (SBB) (Columbine Massacre Discussion Forum; Adam Lanza Posted Under Name 'Smiggles')
Southbury Connecticut (Planned Location For Largest Nazi Youth Camp & Training Center In US; Rejected By Vote 1937.12.14)
Spree Killers (Adam Lanza, Anders Breivik)
Veterans Today (Ex Intelligence Agents & Ex Miltary; Jim Fetzer (Ex), Kevin Barrett; Anti Jewish, Holocaust Deniers, Sandy Hook HOAX Promoters)
White Supremacists (Aryan Race Supremacy, Racists)
William Shanley (Introduced To SHH Group By Jim Fetzer, $1 Trillion Lawsuit, New Ager)
Willis Carto (AFP Founder, Populist Party; Historical Revisionism, Holocaust Denier, Nazi Sympathizer, Right Wing, White Supremacist)
Wolfgang Halbig (Ex Military, USAF SAC; Ex School Administrator; Jeb Bush Appointed; Introduced To SHH Group By Jim Fetzer; Promotes AFP)


  1. IBM was deeply involved with the German National Socialist Government. They created the system used for keeping track of death camp prisoners in Aushwitz. It may have been IBM's idea to tattoo numbers on the arms. For further reference see Edwin Black's IBM and the holocaust.

    1. Hi Alec,
      Absolutely… I almost went off on a tangent about that, but held back, LOL.
      Another connection, no doubt… thanks for bringing this up since it's highly relevant.
      That book is on my shelf :)