SANDY HOOK COVENANT; 'Trooper One' Helicopter, Wolfgang Halbig's Changing Story

2015.5.26 (AE) - Exploring Wolfgang Halbig's drastically changing claims about the exact time the CSP 'Trooper One' Helicopter lifted off to assist with the Sandy Hook incident… Wolfgang's claims have changed by a full THREE HOURS within one year… now others on his crew have come up with a third lift off time…

Revealed in this video is LIVE news footage of the CSP 'Trooper One' Helicopter being filmed from above by a "News 12 Connecticut" helicopter at 11:48AM… proving news helicopters were on scene BEFORE the CSP 'Trooper One' Helicopter's arrival, and therefore the various aerial footage we've seen is likely from MULTIPLE sources.

**WATCH AT 720P HD**


Adam Lanza
American Free Press (AFP) (Willis Carto Founder; Anti Jewish, Holocaust Deniers, Racists, Sandy Hook HOAX Promoters)
Catholic Church
Catholic Pedophile Priests
Connecticut State Police (CSP)
Counterintelligence Program (COINTELPRO) (FBI Program; Cognitive Infiltration, Domestic Surveillance, Infiltration Of Movements, Propaganda)
CSP 'Trooper One' Helicopter
Disinfo Agents
FOIA Hearing
Helicopter Aerial News Footage (CBS, CNN HLN, FOX News CT, News 12 Connecticut, WNYW, WPIX, WTNH)
Holocaust Deniers
Independent Media Solidarity (IMS) Group
James Tracy (Professor, Florida Atlantic University (FAU); memoryholeblog.com, SHH Group)
Jim Fetzer (Ex Military; Professor; Academic Freedom, AFP, SHH Group, Ex Veterans Today Board; Anti Jewish, Holocaust Denier, Intelligence Agent)
Kevin Barrett (Professor; Academic Freedom, Truth Jihad Radio Show, Veterans Today Board; Holocaust Denier)
LIFE STAR Helicopter (Air Medical Transportation)
Melbourne San (Ex Military; 'Captain Crunch' Patriot, Newtown School Board Meeting; Wolfgang Halbig Relative?)
Nancy Lanza
Nazi Sympathizers
Newtown Connecticut
Paul Vance Sr. (Lt., CSP Spokesman)
Peter Lanza
Report# 00259480
Ryan Lanza
Sandy Hook HOAX
Sandy Hook HOAX (SHH) Group (Wolfgang Halbig & William Shanley, Both Introduced By Jim Fetzer)
Sandy Hook Massacre
Sandy Hook Truth
Shadow Analysis (Using Shadows To Determine Time Of Day)
Sleight Of Sin (SOS) (YouTuber; SHH Group, Wolfgang Halbig Assistant)
Truth Jihad Radio Show (Kevin Barrett)
Veterans Today (Ex Intelligence Agents & Ex Miltary; Jim Fetzer (Ex), Kevin Barrett; Anti Jewish, Holocaust Deniers, Sandy Hook HOAX Promoters)
White Supremacists
William Shanley (Introduced To SHH Group By Jim Fetzer, $1 Trillion Lawsuit, New Ager)
Willis Carto (AFP Founder, Populist Party; Historical Revisionism, Holocaust Denier, Nazi Sympathizer, Right Wing, White Supremacist)
Wolfgang Halbig (Ex Military, USAF SAC; Ex School Administrator; Jeb Bush Appointed; Introduced To SHH Group By Jim Fetzer; Promotes AFP)

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