SANDY HOOK COVENANT; 'Children Did Not Exist' & 'School Was Closed' LIES By Wolfgang Halbig EXPOSED

2015.5.14 (AE) - Wolfgang Halbig's claims that the "Sandy Hook children did not exist", and his promise that "Sandy Hook was not a functioning school", are completely destroyed with photographic and documentary evidence…

**WATCH AT 720P HD**


Adam Lanza
American Free Press (AFP) (Holocaust Deniers, Revisionist History; Founded By Nazi Willis Carto)
Catholic Church
Catholic Pedophile Priests
Counterintelligence Program (COINTELPRO) (FBI Program; Cognitive Infiltration, Domestic Surveillance, Infiltration Of Movements, Propaganda)
Data Mining
Dawn Hochsprung (Principal)
Disinfo Agents
Domestic Surveillance (COINTELPRO)
Donna Page (Principal)
Holocaust Denial
Holocaust Deniers
Independent Media Solidarity (IMS) Group
Jenny Hubbard (Parent)
Jim Fetzer (Professor; AFP, Veterans Today; Holocaust Denier, Intelligence Agent)
Maryrose Kristopik (Music Teacher)
Nancy Lanza
Newtown Connecticut
Office Of Naval Intelligence (ONI)
Peter Lanza
Project Eagle (SHES Community Service, Holiday Basket Program)
Ryan Lanza
Sage Colleges (Dawn Hochsprung, Esteves School Of Education Doctorate Program)
Sandy Hook Hoax
Sandy Hook Hoax (SHH) Group (Wolfgang Halbig & William Shanley, Both Introduced By Jim Fetzer)
Sandy Hook Massacre
Sandy Hook Truth
Toney Heart (SHH Group Gruppenfuhrer, Secretary General)
Vanguard School (Sandy Hook Elementary (2005 To 2006))
Veterans Day
Veterans Today (VT) (Domestic Surveillance, Intelligence Agents; Holocaust Deniers, Switzerland Nazi Links)
Victoria Soto (Teacher)
William Shanley (Introduced To Sandy Hook Hoax By Jim Fetzer, $1 Trillion Lawsuit, New Ager)
Willis Carto (AFP Founder; Holocaust Denier, Revisionist History; Nazi)
Wolfgang Halbig (Introduced To Sandy Hook Hoax By Jim Fetzer; Promotes AFP)

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