SANDY HOOK COVENANT; 'School Was Closed' LIES By Jim Fetzer & Wolfgang Halbig

2015.4.22 (AE) - It took Wolfgang Halbig nearly one year to catch up to the lies of Jim Fetzer… Wolfgang is now claiming that Sandy Hook Elementary School "was not an operating school", but there are MANY documented proofs that Sandy Hook was operating from 2008 to 2012… so both men are BOLDLY LYING about the facts, but for what purpose, that is the question.

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Adam Lanza
Alex Jones (Infowars, Radio Talk Show Host; Freemason, Right Wing)
Catholic Church
Catholic Pedophile Priests
Counterintelligence Program (COINTELPRO) (FBI Program; Cognitive Infiltration, Domestic Surveillance, Infiltration Of Movements, Propaganda)
Dawn Hochsprung (Sandy Hook Principal, 2010 To 2012)
Disinfo Agents
Independent Media Solidarity (IMS) Group
Jim Fetzer (Ex Military; Professor; Academic Freedom, SHH Group, Veterans Today Board; Anti Jewish, Holocaust Denier)
Nancy Lanza
Newtown Connecticut
Peter Lanza
Ryan Lanza
Sandy Hook HOAX (SHH) Group
Sandy Hook Massacre
Sandy Hook Truth
William Shanley (Introduced To Sandy Hook HOAX By Jim Fetzer; $1 Trillion Lawsuit, New Ager)
Wolfgang Halbig (Ex Military, USAF SAC; Ex School Administrator; Jeb Bush Appointed; SHH Group)

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