SANDY HOOK COVENANT; New Nighttime Helicopter Footage Of Parking Lot, Medical Tents & Truck Trailer

2014.12.15 (AE) - The following video shows nighttime helicopter footage of the Sandy Hook parking lot on 2012.12.14, from WCBS... this is footage I've collected which I don't see easily available on YouTube, so I'm sharing it here… it may be useful to Sandy Hook researchers.

The new daytime helicopter footage that I recently posted generated a major discovery, with knowledgeable eyes noticing "CBYD" painted in "White", multiple times, on the west parking lot… this means "Call Before Your Dig", and indicates "proposed working area of excavation, discharge of explosive or demolition" was planned for that location within 24 to 48 hours.

You can find that video here

Perhaps something interesting will be discovered in this footage…

**WATCH AT 720P HD**


Adam Lanza
Call Before Your Dig (CBYD)
Emergency Management Services (EMS)
Helicopter Footage
Medical Tents
Men In White
Nancy Lanza
Newtown Connecticut
Peter Lanza
Ryan Lanza
Sandy Hook Hoax
Sandy Hook Massacre
Sandy Hook Truth
Truck Trailer
Wayne Carver (Dr., Chief Medical Examiner)

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