NWO; Ukraine's Fascist Nazi Poroshenko Asks US Congress For Cash To Support 'NEW WORLD ORDER'

2014.9.19 (AE) - The EU & US coup of Ukraine installed Fascist Nazi puppet President, Petro Poroshenko, appeared before a joint session of the US Congress to beg for more American money to continue his EU & US directed aggressive genocidal attacks on his own people in Eastern Ukraine.

Poroshenko's entire speech is one lie after another… see transcript below.

**WATCH AT 720P HD**


After referring to the C-SPAN transcript, and discovering it was horribly inaccurate, I used a number of sources to create as accurate a transcript as possible for my video excerpt:

"Even NATO allies are at risk... and as if to underline this point, two days after President Obama’s visit to Estonia, the day NATO Summit ended, the Estonian intelligence officer was abducted and accused of espionage.

The security assurance that were extended to Ukraine and then have failed to work, providing no agreements, treaties, containments, can secure world order.

So what can bring the peace?… and what can maintain it?… common values, cooperation, interdependence, leadership, and responsibility.

This is the things who can defend the global security.

So, I urge you not to let Ukraine stand alone in the face of this aggression…


Thank you… and this is very important that the whole world will see this gesture of solidarity.  Ukraine are not alone… we are together… we are united… and we’ll win… because while we're fighting, we're fighting for freedom, it’s fighting for democracy.. and I have absolutely no doubt that the hour of victory will be very close.

I’m absolutely sure that United States made a commitment that it would stand behind Ukraine’s territorial integrity, and we hope that it will live up to that promise.


Because it is very simple.  Democracies must support each other.  They must show solidarity in the face of aggression and adversity.  Otherwise, they will be eliminated one by one.

The aggression against Ukraine has become one of the worst setbacks for the cause of democracy in the world in the years.

With just one move, the world has been thrown back in time to the reality of the territorial claims, zone of influence, criminal aggression, and annexation.

Can you imagine within two weeks Crimea was invaded and annexed?… why? [BECAUSE OF A DEMOCRATIC VOTE!!]… because Ukraine simply were not prepared to this aggression.  We were not prepared to face this enemy, that was exactly at the time of the "Revolution Of Dignity", and the use of this opportunity, without any doubt.

Post war international system of checks and balances was effectively ruined.  The world has plunged into the worst security crisis since US & USSR standoff 1962.

Today, we are witnessing another attempt at dividing the world… Ukraine stands in the center of this attempt.

The outcome of today’s war will determine whether we will be forced to accept the reality of the dark term and be to Europe as part of a "NEW WORLD ORDER".


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