WAR ON LEAKERS; Military Prosecutors Link Bradley Manning To Al Qaeda Via Adam Gadahn's Use Of WikiLeaks Data In Video

July 1, 2013 (AE) - Bradley Manning is being charged with "Espionage" and "Aiding The Enemy", among other things, just because the Jewish American Al Qaeda member Adam Gadahn (AKA Adam Pearlman) used a video clip allegedly obtained from WikiLeaks???

This is very weak evidence, but prosecutors also claim they have evidence Osama Bin Laden was looking at WikiLeaks data too... completely laughable.

See video below...

2013.7.1 Manning's Court Martial Details Al Qaeda's Interest In WikiLeaks (RT, youtube.com):


On Monday, the fifth week of whistleblower Bradley Manning's trial continued in Fort Meade, Maryland.  The prime focus of the court martial has been the 250,000 State Department diplomatic cables that the Army private handed over to WikiLeaks.  Prosecutors are arguing that al-Qaeda browses the Internet to gather intelligence and claim the soldier's leaks aided the terrorist group. 
RT's Liz Wahl has more.

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